By Mohamed Ahmed

The recently concluded Somalia &Somaliland talks spurred response from the president of Federal government of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud. The president hosted a town hall meeting aired by Somali language Universal television ( He outlined his views with a backdrop of chorus of adulation in over two-hour long interview.

The somewhat markedly moderated tone of President Hassan focused mostly on the progress of good governance in Somalia and the unity of Somalia. Despite his insistence on a united Somalia, President Hassan said that his government would continue the talks with government of Somaliland.

President Hassan referenced back to the Somali government of 1960.For this reason he said Somalia was one country and will always be one. What the President failed to realize is that there are countless examples of countries which had started as one and have since become two separate countries – such as Malaysia and Singapore, Senegal and Mali, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Somaliland is arguing today that the broad democratic right of its governance is wide enough to accommodate its aspiration to challenge the legitimacy of one Somalia! What president Hassan needs to understand is that one of the greatest themes of modern history is the struggle of subjugated people to gain control over their lives and fates. Somaliland citizens have achieved this goal when they took their fate into their own hands .President Hassan and his cohorts in Mogadishu evidently believe that they can dismiss Somaliland aspirations!

Only one Somaliland political party immediately aired their views on the recently concluded talks. The leaders of UCID opposition party reacted furiously and declared the recent concluded Somalia and Somaliland talks a failure! For the sake of argument, I wish we can assume that some of the criticism that emanates from these familiar quarters — Feysal Ali warabe and the rest — has no foundation in a genuine Somaliland patriotic disappointment, but one of pandering politicians.

I think we can give a pass to our pandering politicians this time with a fumbling President on the other side. Asked about his government recognition of Khatumo state, Hassan said “they are people who love Somali unity” He also explained the weak position his government finds itself at this time in supporting them. From these answers one can adduce that he wish he could support Khatumo State.

An old political axiom that says you should never interfere while an opponent is busy destroying himself comes to mind. Khatumo State is busy destroying itself. Apart from their insurrections of episodic inter-sub clan war, Khatumo State supporters have not been successful in gaining grip within Somaliland main contended cities like Las Anod.

Back in the real world of Somaliland, however, there is of course a need for entirely agent and legitimate project of self-critical spirit. One hopes President Silanyo is not holding his breath waiting for President Hassan to support a united Somaliland! If Somaliland doesn’t open up the political space and allow willing communities within its border to inscribe themselves in Somaliland political space we could risk Somalia turning Khatumo State supporters into a theater in which Somalia can prosecute their political goals against Somaliland. I know this is a rare chance, but the authority in Mogadishu can play a hypocritical role in dividing Somaliland.

President Silanyo authority has so far made progress in winning the hearts of many people from Sool & Sanaag. The recent countryside tour of Somaliland internal affairs minister Hon. Ali Mohamed Waran Cade is a step in the right directions. There have been informed criticisms of the Somaliland authority of clan nepotism.

The primary emphasis of Somaliland authority should be one with a view towards creating a united Somaliland. The world must see a highly disciplined political culture, deeply imbued with justice and fairness. The fact that some elements of Somaliland ruling authority may appear to be potentially tribal minded can create and reinforce fears and doubts on the common citizens.

Some memorable predictable Clannish inclined critics aside, the nepotism leveled against Silanyo authority deserves a look and one worth to pursue with evidence only. Finally, for anyone hoping Somalia will reach settlement with Somaliland, the president Hassan remarks about Somaliland would appear to be self-delusion!




  1. We will stand behind predisent Hassan Sheik Mohamoud as long as he supports a united Somalia, but its time for the president to declare his support for Khaatumo, I am glad he mentioned that the people of SSC are true nationalists that will not accept succession, We have few people in Las Anod who are brainwashed into accepting a false dream and those guys understand that we can share power or even live with people who call you Faqash and show open hostility and animosity even this article makes it clear that some people are tribal minded.

    • Tribalism is a broad-based phenomenon that cut across all Somalis.Only through strong justice and trust can this be eliminated. Listen to this clip by Minister Warancade addressing your concerns

    • Listen boy if ur clan accept well Habashi authority in Ethiopia side of Buhoodle why u try to fight against majority choice of somalilander for re independence. If u do not want to live with ur fellow citizen then u can go to Zoomalia and eat banana with their people half bantu. kkk

    • This Wadani of the SL Wadani party supports Somalia FGS what does that you good Somalilanders of all parties of SL?

    • Muuqdisho has nothing to offer a Fiqishini in Sool let alone anyone else.

      Ethiopia has just arrived in Somalia-Italia isn't that justification enough for Dhulbahante to REJECT Hassan Mahamoud?

      Or is it the case that the Kacaan Foot soldiers are begging for another master who has a harsh whip instead of a friendly helping hand?

      Those who do not like Somaliland are welcome to go to countries where they will receive Amisom as their protectors.

      • Apparently Mr. Wadani hails from eastern regions of Somaliland and the base of his arguments are always being on clannish matters, therefore, I wonder what that type of man can do about the Somali unity if he already failed to live peacefully with the people that he shares history, land and blood for almost thousand years. At least if he were a true Somali nationalist as he claims, he would have to try the unity of the Somaliland people first, then he could have the opportunity of talking about the unity of other Somali regions. I believe Mr. Wadani has completely forgotten the adage that says " charity begins at your home".

  2. Somaliland is a democratically self-centred multiparty based and clanship tribalism is
    weaning out. In order to have the full benefits of the Multiparty systems, the GOSL should
    hammer out the full implementation as soon as possible. All the SL regional Provinces
    must be integrated at all levels of the Public services. Whatever the GOSL policy towards
    the Khaatumo, IMO this is a small pocket of terrorist pocket of Alshabab of Somalia.
    The Somaliland borders are well known and like Ethiopia and Kenya, Somaliland would not
    allow Khaatumo(SSC),ONLF,AlSunna WALJamaca,ICU who are all small pockets of Alshabab.
    Simply, the Igad, the AU and the wider IC/UN would not allow such terrorism to flourish and
    endanger world peace. The GOSL is working with Igad et all against terrorism.

  3. If you support Somalia and not Somaliland why are you on our sites? I dont believe in Santa Clause so I dont expect any presents or sit on his lap. The fact that you are here reading about our country on our platform only confirms not only that Somaliland is reality but that you sir are just as scared as those folks in Villa Somalia.

    Somaliland is showing the world what Somalia isnt.

  4. did some ask Khaatumo authority if they really love Mogdisho and its politicians . did some ask how much they love somalinimo ? . Every somali knows how much they are hypocrat and serviing their self interest. Mogdisho cann't trust them except to use them to cratch Hargeisa back.

    • Anyone dancing and overjoyed at the prospect of Kenyans and Ethiopian invasion in Somalia-Italia has no RIGHT to claim SOMALINIMO or any form of love for UNITY.

      This is all politics and a means to sabotage the success of Somaliland-Republic and as such any enemy of state should be treated with utter contempt.

      The days of appeasing have long passed it is time to civilize the savages in Gerowe and Bossasso, SOOL will forever remain a battle field for centuries to come if the frontline are pushed into the heart of Bari and Nugaal.

  5. Somalia President 's position is temporary. He could only last if fortunate enough till 2016, but the population of Somaliland is permanent and is here to stay forever, so what counts is what they wish and decide and they decided through the ballot box their separation.

  6. I consider President Hassan a laughing snake, and we should be very careful in dealing with him. Somaliland is one, and will continue to be one. I hope you understand that, otherwise you will be the new warlord of the Horn.

    Come to your sense, and accept the will [majority] of the people of Somaliland.