They agree to bolster existing bilateral relation, set-up inter-governmental committees to foster socio-economical and security affairs

The President H. E. Musa Bihi Abdi held talks for the first time on Friday with the head of the Somali Region of Ethiopia Mustaffa Mohamud Agjar in a meeting that had both leaders flanked by senior government officials.

The Ethiopian side apologized to the people of Somaliland for having had the country’s name maligned in the name of security. A fortnight or so ago media reports quoted Agjar as assuaging that insecurity to his region emanated from Somaliland, Puntland and Jubaland.

The Ethiopian Somalia regional press secretary who jointly held a press conference with Somaliland’s Presidency spokesman talked at length of the details of the meeting the leaders had, mainly highlighting bilateral relations.

He emphasized the bolstering of economic, social and security relations was the main gist of discussions.

He pointed out that the continued efforts in fledgling the aspects mentioned was a matter that was underpinned since it indeed underscored the ages-old Somaliland-Ethiopia relations.

He revealed that the two sides agreed on the settling up of committees charged with the tasks of basic interests of co-operations and development between both countries such as areas of security, trade and immigration.

He remorsefully noted that his country deeply regretted the utterances of his leader which he claimed was quoted out of context hence said that both sides dealt with the matter at length. He apologized profusely on behalf of his government and concurred the fact that Somaliland’s peaceful stability was water-tight.

As concerns the issues under discussions, the Presidency spokesman Mohamud Warsame Jama who first spoke at the joint press conference largely touched on the matter spelt out above concerning bilateral relations and the setting up of the working inter-governmental committees.

Mr. Agjar is a youthful leader who took over the Jigjiga leadership recently after former strongman Abdi Iley was deposed.

The meeting was held at the State Lodge at Tog-wajaale.

Thereafter both parties went to the Ethiopian side of the border whereby they had a luncheon at Madar Hotel. They were greeted by thousands of members of the public on both sides.

H.E. Agjar was accompanied by several members of his cabinet.

Earlier on the Head of State H.E. Musa Bihi had inaugurated several public infractural amenities that consisted Gabiley’s major highway and several streets which were tarmacked by the country council of Gabiley.

He also visited the Wajale agricultural projects whereby he witnessed sorghum and assorted cereals being harvested by the department’s workers.

He was flanked by Interior Minister Mohammed Ahmed Kahin and both police and army commanders amongst other senior public officials.