He not only scoffed and poured scorn at the Mogadishu sentiment but expressed resentments in the strongest words possible of any conjecture that Somaliland is subjected to the Mogadishu administration in the remotest sense possible.

Reminding the audience that Burao, being the location where the country re-asserted its Independence that was first won from the colonial British empire on the 26th of June 1960, he similarly noted that the sovereignty was brought once more after a decade-long seriously intense and catastrophic struggle.

He pointed out the supremacy of the populace’s aspirations to sever the ill-fated illegal union with the South as the basis of the country’s sovereignty.

The President expressed his shock that Hassan Sheikh was oblivious to the fact that the 1964 AU (formerly OAU) charter recognized countries as per their specific independence day colonial borders.

The President underpinned the fact that for over three decades, (precisely 32 years) Somaliland has charted its way forward after dissolving its former union with the former Italian Somaliland, hence, Mogadishu had no powers whatsoever to overturn it.

He warned Somalia to desist from its incursions and reminded it that it was still a failed state. He told Somalia and its people to accept the fact that Somaliland had separated long ago with them and that their only option was to adhere to the tenets of good neighborliness.

He told them to put their house in order and focus on their own plights instead of being guarded by multi-national forces.

He said Somalia had no powers at all to counter Somaliland’s sovereignty whether legally or otherwise.

The Somali president who addressed the Somali diaspora in the US was reported to have said that it was against all forms of promotion of Somaliland’s sovereignty at any given time, words that are provocative and express direct animosity to Somaliland’s internal and external security.

The nature of such words is tantamount to be interpreted as a direct incursion of a foreign country to indulge in the internal affairs of another.