The Somaliland President, Muse Bihi Abdi and a coterie of senior officials departed for an official visit to the Republic of Guinea and several other stops in West Africa.
The President leaves, just as the talks between the three Somaliland political parties, requested by himself, have failed to produce an agreement. There were high hopes that a consensus could be reached between the parties  with regard to the scheduled parliamentary and local council elections. But, it would seem that neither party is willing to put the interest of the nation above petty politics.
The spectre of another delayed elections in Somaliland does not bear thinking about. The current moribund parliament has been sitting for almost two decades and the House of Elders close to thirty years. The need to hold these elections is crucial for the progress and the stability of the country.
The technological tools, donor support and manpower are all there, but, it would seem that the political will or leadership is absent.
There are some analysts who believe that there some foreign interference in the debate between the political parties. It is worth noting that the weak federal entity in Mogadishu, had been making some noises about holding a one person, one vote, to ludicrously, include Somaliland, in 2020.
It is therefore imperative, that Somaliland continues on it’s democratic path and hold these long overdue elections. The President’s visit to West Africa could not have come at a worst time.
Ali Mohamed Abokor