Hargeisa, 16 July 2009 (Somalilandpress) – President Dahir Rayale dismiss some of his cabinet and appointed others in a major cabinet reshuffle on Wednesday that’s discussed what it could mean as the country faces critical time and a showdown to the presidential elections.

The former Minister of trade Osman Qasim Qodah was replaced by Abib Hassan Filfil, the minister of Presidency Mr. Nur Amin Ismail was also sacked. The State minister of Interior, Mr. Hassan Ahmed Du’aleh was asked to temporarily hold the position. Mr. Hussein Ainan Farah was also appointed as the new minister of coordination between the houses after the former Minister died last month.

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In a press statement by the President’s secretary Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Isse, there has not been any justification of such reshuffle.

Mr. Nur Amin, the Minister of presidency held a press conference the same day saying he was sacked because of disagreement with the president on the current conflict in Elbardale, between Borama and Gebiley. The minister did not give any further explanation.



  1. like this will change anything, lets bring all this so called government down and bring back the original SNM(somali nationalist movement all over somalia)