HARGEISA (SomalilandPress) — President Dahir Riyale made a surprise visit to the town of Borama, the provincial capital of Awdal region, on Sunday afternoon.

The president who was accompanied by the first lady, Huda Adan, and few cabinet members were welcomed to the city by the governor of Awdal and the head of the police forces in the region.

Somalilandpress’s reporter Liban Ibrahim, who is also based in Borama, has confirmed that the president is currently staying at his vacational home in the city and is been monitored by heavy security.
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Residents in Borama could not figure out why the president’s trip was kept so secret and the motives behind his visit. Even though Borama is his hometown, the president does not always visit. It is not clear if the president will meet with residents of Borama including the elders and local leaders before his departure back to the capital, Hargeisa.

SomalilandPress, 28 March 2010


    • Wow so when should you respect a president, when he is your brother. Say AlhamuduliAllah that we have a man how doesn't drink blood. However, according to some officials he will call it quits after this election term if he wins. However, while he is in power respect the man doesn't mean you cant criticize him in a respectful way. The issue is not Riyale its the Somaliland constitution which needs to have a place for term limits. that is the way to solve the problem not to blame the president for running for office.

  1. Hahahahaha! You guys, cracked me up. If he didn't get out of the bunker, who will campaign for him. He has to, if he wants to re-elected!??????????????????????.

  2. Re-elected? Even if he rigs better than KIBAKI he will not get enough to be re-elected. His whole strategy is cling to the seat as much as possible and maybe Silanyo will die of natural causes.

  3. you all go wrong, the presedent went to know observe how things are going there.. BEST PRESEDENT AFTER EGAL WE WILL RE-ELECT YOU.

    • Typical UDUB supporter, breaking the rules- in this case spelling and grammar- to so show their support !

  4. If there is vigilant population who wants progress they will not re-elect him, not because of anything else, but he has not done anything during his tenure of 7 long years. I hope the Somaliland people will use their people's power to this administration if at all an election is materialized. I get sick when I look back those wasted 7 years. I do not have any preverance of who to rule, but I want my country get those who can make difference and step up for progress.

  5. There will be those that Vote due to clan affiliation that is normal i guess in the whole world, we vote for who ever best reps or best interest. Somalilands have to look at the greater picture and elect who ever will bring about fairness and justice and progress for all somaliland.

    Who can get us recognition quickly???

    For somaliland to develop and take the next great leap on this path we need someone that will not rest till we get that recognition.

  6. He was there the the burial of Mohamed Hassan Matan. The main UDUB spokesman in the UK. A great man indeed, may Allah rest his soul.

  7. I think her gone back to Borame to clean the house up after all he knows he has to Move out of the Banker one day soon

  8. Hello Guys ??
    Wayeel wadkii, wuu yaqana eh,
    Nin Qaadica-Raxim noqday,
    haddi uu-quustay;
    Uuu qbrigiisa qori kasoo qotommiyey,
    Waa yelkadi yow, qooraansi dambe daaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Qur'aan loo akhriyo moyaaney,
    Qiilka kale male.

  9. Oh someone is trying to win votes of his hometown crowd…Riyaale your days are done. Get use to chilling at your Vacation home cuz that's where you will be living from now on…….