The stage is set for the fifth Somaliland State of the Nation Address by President Muse Bihi Abdi
The address shall be made during a joint session of the bicameral Somaliland parliament in the capital Hargeisa on Monday the 13th May 2022.
The state of the nation address is an annual event undertaken by every sitting president at a joint session that brings together members of Guurti and House of Representatives, the two chambers of the Somaliland Parliament.
Since acceding to office president Bihi has addressed the Nation at the time of the year and the upcoming event will be his fifth.
While information about the address content is never divulged our sources indicate that, in the Monday event President Bihi shall dwell among others on the following points
1. The general situation in the country,
2. His trip to the United States and outcome
3. The Somaliland presidential elections slated for later in the year
4. The fire-gutted Waheen Market, reconstruction Plans and support to affected businesses and employees
5. His administration’s performance in the preceding year namely plans made, successes and constraints if any
6. The protracted presidential election in Somalia and
7. The political situation in the Horn of Africa vis ‘a’ vis Somaliland.
During this annual State of the nation address in which citizens are briefed on past and planned performance by the sitting administration, the head of State is usually flanked by chairman of Guurti and speaker of the house of Representatives.

In his second State of the nation address on the 18th February 2020 President Muse Bihi Abdi touched on the following
1. Economics
2. Community Services
3. Security and
4. Foreign Affairs”
Full content HERE
While the above points were as usual poignant of this, His first state of the nation address was the burning and controversial issue of a purported visit to Somaliland by Somalia President Farmajo in which President Bihi said
Unless the Somalia president acknowledges the sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland a visit to Hargeisa shall never be. Full speech HERE

President Muse Bihi Abdi addresses the nation at a past joint session of the Somaliland Parliament in Hargeisa 

In his 2021 address President Bihi started by revisiting the COVID-19 pandemic of the year before stating that
“The year 2020 began with a global virus that affected the whole world and at the same time made a total change in the way societies live. More than, 2.5 million people lost their lives and millions in different parts of the world had been affected by the virus. But it was a year that ended with a low effect and great success achieved in science and vaccines.
On the year in question the Somaliland head of State said
“2021 was a year of stability and peace for Somaliland. It was a year that we have realized great success politically and diplomatically and our case has found different international forums where we can present them” read full text HERE
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