The deputy minister in charge for security in the ministry of interior Hon Abdillahi Abokor has termed the decision by the British government to issue a travel warning to its citizen as rush and irrational.

Hon Abdillahi went on to say “Somaliland has always carried out risk assessment in order to protect its own national interest and those of all westerners working or settled in Somaliland soil. Somaliland is a country which has the most sophisticated intelligence agencies, having a very professional well trained staffs and maintains constant working relationship with its international security partners’.

“The downgrading of Somaliland security status to grade C by the British government is uncalled of and with regards to this potential terror threat in Somaliland which deems to be very exaggerated and superfluous assessment and sadly damaging the excellent record of peace and stability issues of Somaliland,” said the security minister.

The Security minister told reporters during a press briefing   “It’s sad our friends (British) didn’t inform us on this new development considering the existing relations between  our intelligence agencies and we have the right to know the source of these preposterous allegations’. `

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    • If you are from Sade tribe, what good do you bring to Somalilandpress, except of course, name calling?

      • So what difference does it makes which tribe i hail from we all here discussing about the danger in the northern Somalia where Al shabab terroristsare being harbored by your people.

  1. Recognition is a mission my friend and even the Kacaan only lasted 20-years… 🙂

    Somaliland-Republic's Recognition is our HOLLY-GRAIL how long it take or where we need to go the acquire it does not concern our enemies.

    Concern yourself your ROAD-MAP and it's inevitable conclusion in a DEAD-END of another disappointment.

    We will continue to be a better Democracy and a more legitimate government and a better secured state and a more legitimate Sovereignty… You have ZERO Dignity so long as Amisom+Kenya+Ethiopia take turns doing a TRAIN on your fragile Idps.

  2. When the British arrived to the shores of the protectorate, they signed agreements with the 5 tribal elders who resided in the north-western part of the region. The main tribe of what is called today Sool & Cayn never signed any agreement with the British and Sayid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan was based there. The people of this region were in perpetual war with the British until the day the colony was given independence. Farther norther east in Sanag region, the British signed a different agreement with the war-like inhabitants of that area with the capital city is Las Qorey. These two regions do not want to be part of any division of Somalia into fiefdoms and they are part of Somalia. That is why you have a war raging in that area as recently as last week.

    As the former master of the region, Britain knows what is going on in the region and separatists can not sell it a snake oil. Dissatisfaction with the recent fake elections which led to the killing of innocent civilians and the Garadag government releasing known Al-shabab terrorists from Berbera prison last week may be to allow them to continue the distruction of southern Somalia will give the British a good reason to issue a security alert on Somaliland.

    • Allemagan Well do you think colonizer ask permission to all clan for each country he had controlled in world? lol good luck if you put this argument in international court. The only thing which can change situation is unionist are majority in Somaliland?.No way . You don t believe, let,s do a referendum in all area of SL.

  3. Separatists somehow believe UK is their real father and any decision from London not in favour of the separatists is seen as a slap unlike no other because its from "the father".

    I have nothing else to add other than I am not too surprised that UK is waking up and knows too well that region is not viable…even the British Empire never invested a Ginni…since then things only got worse.

    • The walls are closing on you. But again you are being used by the us who are now different to what you thought. I fact I will watch as you again loose as a Somalilander I know when the wind changes and believe the current Barracka Obaama isn't the same of his last term. He is another Bush today. Why because he knows theirs is no third term. So he his more about self interest today then before. Good luck to his ultimate back stabbing. Loool….

  4. It's good to censor obscene comments and those who instigate hate and bad mouthing. Only descent comments should be allowed. Another part you need to look is the comments from our dislodged individuals like Mr.Kayse. I believe certain comments from our renegades should not be published.

    God bless Somaliland and its people.

  5. Folks, the de jure Somaliland hard earned democracies shouldn't be sacrifaced by the on-going
    dirty passes of Kayse,Allemagan, tellmetruth, and their cohorts. These folks are the bad apples around. Too much fitna….mohahahaha

  6. So far, the horrible faliures of the current admin of the republic of Somaliland are obvious on two fronts. The internal security is at shambels, because the aging president retrains the armed forces to secure the borders of the country in along the borders of Somaliland with Somalia on the eastern regions. This caused clan based anti Somaliland malita to call the shots there. On the internationa policy, the faliure is of no les danger than the none existent internal security. Thanks to Siilaanyo and his socalled foreign minister, Somaliland cause for recognition lost all kinds of momentums. Under the current admin the nation and the country is at loss. We need to reverse this situation. I hope Siilaanyo will finally see that he is politically bankrupt and leads the nation only to more disaster, when he once again go to London only to sit next to leaders from soth Somalia's Galmudug-land, Ximan-land, and Banader-land. Oh may Allah save Somaliland from Siilaanyo.

    • Boqran, you incite unnecessary problems without solutions. DR AMM Silaanyo and his Govt are
      just doing fine mme boqranaaay mohahahaha

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  8. Warning to westerners go to Northern Somalia @ your own risk. You may get kilked or even worse kidnapped by hersi gaab & secessionist gangs for Ictiraaf.

  9. If a Country caution his people against any danger is right and normal this happens many time as british cares so much for his people's safety it has happens many time in Kenya. Nigeria. sierra Leone. Zimbabwe. it is not something new. and for your information British hard from the groups of a shabab swearing against British Govt that it is behind their downfall so thy will take a revenge.. precaution is better

  10. I learn new things everyday about my Hawiye clan. Wallahi there's no place in Somaliweyn we're not indigenous. well maybe Djibouti but then again yo never know.

    Never thought Sland as one of the Indigenous homeland of the Hawiye let alone reaching army colonels and even authority status wow

    • kkk my friend we issaqs allow people to reach full potential no matter where you are, if you go hargaisa there are lots of oromo and canfar living peacefuly while trying to make some sort of a living, Berbera is probably the oldest or second oldest after zaylac and there are people of different countries that used to live there, Arabs, Europeans Indians.

      Anyway i will not insult any hawiye city or place because i know hawiye are also welcoming and mogadisho also used to be one of the most diverse places in the world and i sure hope it get back to that.

    • Irir Samale
      Is this the first time you heard of fiqishini.
      They are from Somaliland. Mujahid dagawayne of SNM his mum is fiqishini.
      They are minority sub clan thou.
      FYI there is a sub sub clan of HY that lives in the midst of xamar too who live mainly with raxanwayn (Don't know what they called)
      Somalis were nomad so it takes one man to take his camel far away and settle there then spread.
      I was hoping we deport more Isaaq in xamar so we can have more reer xamar Isaaqis lol

    • Looool Irir I have Fiqshini cousins they're sub-clan of Habr Gidir, they live in Sool, mainly adhicadaye city, ever wondered why Dahir Alasow supports Khaatumo? lool we already Dhulbahantenise them and made them one of our sub-clans. they don't have anything in common with Galmudug.

      Amal and Hirsi lool Fiqshini are sub-clan of Dhulbahante now, they lived among us over the centuries.

  11. Warning to all backpackers, North Somalia is now under the control of Garadag terrorists and their Dhiigshiil agent who also happen to be the main financiers of Al Shabab and Ahmed Godane.

    Going to north Somalia is no less risky than going to Tora Bora of Afghanistan…the recent tribal election spilled over the terrorists and the Council in that part of peace loving Somalia is busy cooking up the next thing in order to destabilize the whole region because no one would recognize them and Somalia is recovering. They hate working Somalia because in their terrorist minds they believe if Somalia is standing on its feet no one will entertain their secession.

    Silanyo who is now wanted in a UK court over human right abuses is also the man behind Garadag militant and terrorists who are affiliated with al Shabab…both groups come under Dhiigshiil and is ran by Hirsi Haji Ali Hassan aka Hirsi Gaab (the midget).