letterhead foreign affairsHargeisa, 16 February 2016 – The Somaliland Government wishes to categorically refute the false allegations made in a recent article in Kenyan media that claims it supports Al-Shabaab in any way, shape or form. The article that is entirely devoid of fact and replete with hearsay makes a litany of spurious claims, all of which are baseless and without foundation. Indeed, the fictitious authors of the article confirm the false information contained within the article, which is clearly motivated to slander and attempt to discredit senior officials and successful business organizations in Somaliland. The suggestion that Somaliland would support Al-Shabaab is a dangerous and frankly preposterous assertion. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Somaliland values its hard-won peace and stability and plays an active role in the fight against extremist groups in the Horn of Africa. In reality, Somaliland devotes significant resources to countering the threat of Al-Shabaab. Indeed programmes in Somaliland such as the ‘Justice and Human Rights Partnership’ are expressly designed to support the detention and prosecution of Al-Shabaab fighters.


The Somaliland Government takes its responsibilities to provide stability and security for our people very seriously and devotes a large part of the Government’s budget to security. We work with other countries in the region and the wider international community to exchange information about known terrorists and security threats. This close security cooperation has helped prevent security and terrorist threats in Somaliland.


More importantly, there is popular support for democracy in Somaliland and a dislike and distrust of extremism. The local people value the security and stability of Somaliland and notify the authorities of dangerous individuals and groups. They work with the authorities to prevent Al-Shabaab or any other insurgent groups from getting a foothold in Somaliland or elsewhere in the region. This culture of community self-policing is an integral ingredient in Somaliland’s stability and peace and is one of the major reasons why Somaliland stands in contrast to the turmoil of Somalia.


Somaliland wishes to take this opportunity to reiterate its steadfast and unequivocal opposition to Al-Shabaab and to reaffirm its commitment to work with others to counter their disruptive activities, which have brought much suffering and distress to the people of the Horn of Africa.


Issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Republic of Somaliland. For more information contact Saleebaan Mahamuud Daahir at 00252 633471672 or by email salebaancm@slforeign.com