By Goth Mohamed Goth 

Burao-Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Koore, the Minister of Water Resources has inspected a water borehole rehabilitated by the Burao water agency, the borehole has being dysfunctional for the past five years.

The Minister of Water Resources commended the director general of the Burao Water agency and the staff for their diligence in serving the people and their country and meet the water needs in Burao. He further reiterated his commitment to assist the Burao water agency; the additional water will see an increase of household connections and a sharp reduction in water trucking to the second capital through un-hygienic water tankers pumping water from contaminated shallow riverbed aquifers.

Mr. Abdihakim Mohamed Mahmoud, the managing director of Burao speaking during the occasion said, “The rehabilitated water borehole has being dysfunctional for the past five years, but thanks to Allah, we have managed to revive it without any outside assistance whatsoever, and we have in the past five years revived four other pumps and also rehabilitated borehole number 16 which from now henceforth provide clean water to the northern suburb’s  of the city which includes Koosar,Shacabka , Acqil-yare.

The city has a rapidly growing population. The principal water infrastructure for the city was built in the 1970s, and is not only aged and dilapidated, but also cannot meet the growing demand for clean, potable water. The limited water availability is a critical shortcoming in essential service delivery, and seriously impedes the right to water access and local economic development.