The government of Somaliland once again has said on Saturday they are willing to hold talks with Somalia and has made clear its stance on the stalled dialogue between the two regions. Mr. Yasin Mohamud Faraton, the FM said that SL was ready to “negotiate” with Somalia and see the resumption of protracted talks that dd not produce tangible progress over the years. The FM has reiterated that the state remains ready to talk to Somalia in order to resolve the disputed issues. The FM has further commented that Somaliland as its leader repeated on several occasions that they will convince Somalia despite whatever stance they take. The FM has asserted that Somaliland’s statehood is non-negotiable.

Speaking on the quest of an international recognition, the FM has said that the country is taking one stride at a time in the right direction. He promised that the current concerted efforts in search of recognition will bear fruit and the country will be recognized sooner rather than later. Mr. Yasin has further revealed that the country has good relation with the world and is desirous to convince the globe our statehood. There is political difference in the state and that is why the country has embraced multi party system. He added that the unity that Somaliland is one and cannot be compromised is the wish and the will of its citizens.