LASANOD, 1 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) – A roadside bomb killed one military official and wounded four early Sunday morning in the Eastern town of Las Anod. Mr. Osman Yusuf, the commander of Somaliland’s 12th infantry division was the intended target, he was instantly killed.

The four injured, two military personnel and two  bystanders were also rushed to local hospitals and are said to be in an stable condition. 

An eye witness from the city told Somalilandpress, two remotely controlled bombs were used in the attack, first one missing its intended target – second blast causing all the damages.

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Somaliland police have been put on high alert and reinforcements are said to be on their way to the city to take part in the investigation.

There is no official statement from the government and there is no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast but Somalia’s Al Qaeda linked hardline group, Al shabaab is believed to be behind the attack while many suspect militias loyal to the Puntland state could also be behind. Puntland and Somaliland have fought over the control of Las Anod in many occasions and in the past radical militia loyal to Puntland have carried out similar attacks.

The attack comes two days after Al shabaab threatened to attack Somaliland and other countries in the Horn of Africa including Djibouti, Uganda and Kenya.

On Thursday, Somaliland marked one year since deadly blasts rocked the capital, Hargeisa, that left 24 people killed and more than 30 others wounded.


Source: Somalilandpress


  1. This is sad. It shows how Alshabab are active in the horn of africa. Something has to be done urgently or the disease will spread all over Somaliland.

  2. Yes all illegals including Ethiopian cannibals, damn Africa is one messed up continent, Somaliland has cannibals, warlords, terrorists and the like on every corner.

    We need to seal our southern borders and keep the terrorists inside Somalia.

  3. I believe there is no Al-shabaab in Northern Somalia, but I believe the people who are fighting against Somaliland is Dhulbahante clan. So let us find the facts and be mindful of your own biases Jama….

  4. If your neighbors are on fire, sooner or later that fire will reach your house. Now Somaliland is very difficult position and who ever has done this should be stop sooner than later.

    Something like this takes long planing and usually people who know the area very well could do this. This time Somaliland did good job by not blaming any group until the facts are known.

    The enemy of Somalialnd did this was the response that government said when it asked. Good choice of words. It is also make sense to findout who did it first and you do what you should do after.

    problems are coming from Mogadishu to all the way to Jabout by damaging city by city. Now we should all know that it wasn’t Somalia is problems but Somalis problems. Somaliland officials including Riyale please don’t go to my town(Borama)and make my family bystanders as always said when innocent people die. Illahay ha unaxariisto marxuunkaa xagdarada lagu diley.

    • u somalilander's have have your heads up your a##es so far that you can't smell what coming keep telling your self's it's terrorist's and al shabab who did it and all that but if you want the truth it's because your not welcome in LAS ANOD go back to hargeisa as we (dhubahante) are part of the great somalia and will never be part of what isaqland VIVA Somalia

  5. Ayanle you are weak..Somalilanders will never give in to terrorist. We fought and beat Siyad Barre's forces, do you think for a minute, that a few cowardly terrorist will scare the the people of Somaliland, NEVER..Ilaahay ha u naxariisto marxuum Osman Yusuf and the others killed in this attack. But, the people of Somaliland from Las Canood to Zeylac will never give in to terrorists.

  6. Reality check! if Hargeisa wants peace better leave laascanood now and cut the B@*st . its never too late.

    I don't think puntland did it. more likely al- Haram and that worries me lot.

    Most of you are to slow to understand the consequence. Next Your house will be on FIRE!!

  7. They might have killed one or two and wounded five but Somaliland forces already arrested over 50 suspects and soon will be bought to justices, so this war is not worth it. Killing your own people causing destruction to your own town then getting arrested is not right, better back off you have been beaten, accept defeat.

  8. Kariye I do understand that no one benefit wars. War brings many problems and that is why our somali population became refugee all over the world. During the war many innocent lives are lost many built up area that people worked so hard to built destroyed.

    This is invisible war that you have no clue where and who attacking you. Don’t be like the old Somalilman who stand outside in heavy, windy and deadly rain. When he finally made home, his younger wife open the door for him. She almost cry that her parter had difficult time. She ran to get him warmer blanket for him but he rejected her by demanding that he need cold water to show her how strong he could be. He die after he drunk as result.

    Is not weak that known your limitation and what is causing people to take actions like that to but athers lives dengar. If we don’t get who these people are after, there would be minimum damages to our local citizen.

  9. Ayanle, Never, Ever give in to terrorist, Never show any weakness, Never show that they can affect daily normal life..Only a coward resorts to terrorism.

  10. Sool and Sanaag are part of Somaliland and will always be. Kii doonaya inuu cid kale to biirow, Xuduudka ka tallow. Sool and Sanaag are for Somalilanders.