Somaliland President, Muse Bihi, has underscored his unwavering commitment to the forthcoming elections, asserting that the electoral process will be conducted in strict accordance with the recently published election timelines established by the National Electoral Commission.

Addressing attendees at the opening ceremony of the Kulmiye’s central committee convention, President Bihi affirmed that the only valid election timelines are those officially promulgated by the electoral commission, a stance he subsequently endorsed. Notably, the timeline in question was met with strong disapproval from the UCID party, while the Waddani party neither affirmed nor rejected it.

President Bihi emphasized the incompatibility of armed methods with democratic principles, a sentiment seemingly directed at the newly formed armed faction that opposed the postponement of the presidential election in Somaliland.

Anticipated to secure his candidacy once again, President Bihi is poised to be nominated as the presidential contender for the ruling Kulmiye party on Monday, thereby vying in the forthcoming presidenti