20150502_105415By Idriss Muhumed

Sultans, Elders, Intellectuals and leaders from the Sacad Muse clan have their expressed full support to the Somaliland House of Elders, said that the council is the only entity which has the mandate to extend the timeline for holding the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in the Republic of Somaliland during a gathering held yesterday.

The Sultans, Traditional leaders, Clan elders, intellectuals and community leaders gathering at the function held at hotel Guled in Hargeisa, pledged to fully support decisions by House of Elders (Guurti) regarding the issue of the upcoming election.20150502_102916

Sultan Hussein Ismail Guelleh chairing the meeting said, “The House of Elders had previously extended by the three years mandate in office of the previous President Dahir Kahin Riyaale , so I don’t see anything wrong by extending the current timeline of holding the elections by one year.20150502_103000

The latest meeting in support of the Guurti comes two days after the Grand Sultan of Habr Awal clan issued an ultimatum demanding elections to be held on time.

Among the Traditional leaders present at the function

  1. Sultan Osman Sheikh Ibrahim
  2. Sultan Hiis Barre
  3. Sultan Hussein Ismael Gelle
  4. Sultan Jama Osman
  5. Sultan Osman Sheikh Ibrahim
  6. Sultan Osman Sheikh Ali Koshin
  7. Chief Aqil Ahmed Farah Dirie
  8. Chief Aqil. Aden Abdullah
  9. Chief Aqil Dahir Aw Hussein
  10. Amiir Bihi Barud
  11. Chief Aqil. Abdurrahman Hassan Horre