Somaliland government has responded to the announcement made today by the American government travel warning which dissuaded citizens against visiting the country.

The Somaliland Assistant minister of information Hon Abdillahi Mohamed Dahir (Cukuse) dismissed in the strongest of terms allegations of the existent of present dangers and security threats to foreigners in the country during an interview with BBC Radio Somali service.

“We have not changed our position regarding security which off course always remains a top priority to us as a nation, let not exaggerate on the victories attained in the war against Al Shabaab by assuming that the new ground gained from the militants means it is the end of threats in those place, Said the deputy information minister.

Hon Abdillahi went on to say “I urge both the America and British to reconsider their recent stance on the security of the country and we ask our friends to share any information they have and which we are not aware of so that we can act on it, what they should be doing is to strengthen the existing cooperation on security issues such as sharing of intelligence,.

The minister also confirmed that they have in their custody people who were arrested in the past few days who are suspected to be sympathetic to Islamist militia, although it is too early to say what ongoing investigation will produce  I would  like to reiterate our willingness to work with regional and international partners on security related  matters .

Lastly the deputy information minister had this to say” Us far as we are concerned the security status of the country is normal and I want to reassure all foreigners in the country that their safety is guaranteed.

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  1. I agree. The west has seen so many Diasporo's with British and US passports along with foreigh investors are interesting and coming back to Somalia so they want to scare them away. There's no physical threat in north Somalia. My father was there recently, who's a well-known businessman and Puntland Politician. War dheg jalaq ha usiinina.

  2. This is the reasons Muslim worlds, do not trust the west.The Western governments always, tries to put fitina among people. Why is it so big deal to them when they hear false alarms in a Muslim world but, ignore their own crisis.Last year alone, over 30, 000 thousand innocent American were murdered in their own back yard, why don't the British Government put a travel warning for its citizen not to travel to USA?
    What a hypocrite.

  3. You're more likely to be killed on the Streets of New York, Los Angels, London or Chicago than in Somaliland. They can say whatever they like who cares! The west does not like an African country who can stand with its own feet like Somaliland have over the past 22 years. Hypocrites!

    • You are a big liar there is no country called Somaliland. I dare you to prove me wrong???

  4. "“We have not changed our position regarding security which off course always remains a top priority to us as a nation, "

    kkkkkkkkkk who cares about what he has to say. the somali intelligence agency has given its verdict to the dangers facing foreigners in north Somalia and that is the only agency that counts. no one cares about regional agency information kkkkkkkkk

    • You are insinuating the Road-Map go

      "The international community will support and facilitate any dialogue between Somaliland-Republic & the TFG(or whoever replaces them) SO that they may workout their Future working relationship. This was done as part of the process to assist Somalia end it's transitional governance and a process Somaliland sat in as an outsider with similar stature as Kenya or Ethiopia even though unrecognized still able to assist in the stabilization of it's neighbor state.

      – Somali-Republic(Union of Somaliland&Somalia) Gained international recognition in 1960.
      – The USA recognition of Road-Map government and it's Road-Map Territory is akin to Dissolving the 1960-Union and recognizing only Somalia-Italia territory as the legitimate territory of the Road-Map.
      – 2-STATE dialogue is the only relationship we have left to conclude our future relationship…

      If Somalia's Road-map government refuses dialogue then they loose legitimacy in the eyes of the people. Where as Somaliland will continue it's development without interference from Hassan Mahamoud besides empty claims of territory his words will have no value what so ever in Somaliland-Republic territory whether recognized or not.

      Dialogue is in the best interest of Hassan Mahamoud's Road-Map government legitimacy unless he is willing to tell the truth to his people of somalia-italia territory that he WAS SELECTED by 190votes that were paid for by a Road-Map process that only represented Somalia-Italia namely Puntland + Galmudu + ASWJ +TFG.

      Somaliland-Republic was excluded 100% from the Road-Map process and the SELECTION process of Road-Map President, Government and constitution.

      Hassan Mahamoud believes in a UNION that happens by the desire of the people, without force, without political manipulation and without political espionage of Somaliland-Republic…

      IS Hassan Mahamoud a LIAR?

  5. Issaqland is unstable region infested by Al Shabab and their sympathizers we urge Prez Obama to send Drones

    • Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? Who is control the only town you call home Bardere?
      Think before making a garbage comment like this.

    • Kismanyo-Og troops get Drones, Marca-Hawiye troops get drones however when you want to deal with Marehaan Shabab you simply send 50-Cent and the whole Gedo waxes it's legs Men, Women and children.

      What can you expect from a people who's greatest savior died saved down in a lagos toilet with cockroaches.

      • Ceeb Buuxiye I usually refrain from going after dead people, you too should do that or you gonna open Pandora box.

        Why you separatists in denial that you support terrorists?


  7. To all Hambo Faqash
    Ma kula tahay adoo somaliland sida u nacab bay kula dhisi siad barre 's government oo uga yeedhi xaabaash aabihi Faqashta. Gaalo ma rabto somali wax qabsaday oo firfircoon . oo garanaya waxaa lagu khiyaamaynayo. idinka ha idin citrafaan oo gaalka madow ha idin ku karbaashaan.

    • To all animal tribal low self-esteem mind'
      you have systemic untreatable disease called hate and there's no hope for you and nobody cares your opinion,So just do us a favor and stop telling us what's your runaway mind is whispering to you.

  8. Folks..I tell worries for the security alerts..bcos the Somaliland Govt is strong to take care
    of the Nations security related concerns. The President HE DR Silaanyo in his official trip to
    London thru Nairobi would take care to smoothen matters. The US drones are out of bounds to Somaliland nor for that matter Amisom/Ethiopian/Kenyan Armed Forces.

  9. All of sudden there's a conspiracy against Somaliland by the west, when yesterday you were claiming they supported your cause. You secessionist are a funny bunch.

    Read between the lines secessionist they have rejected you with out doing it publicly, or in way that would effect them negatively, just in case they may need to use you in the future. Learn to understand and play world politics secessionist.

    Whether you believe or not, the US and the West need and want a stable Somalia. So for that reason they begun to turn their back on any entity that could jeopardize it.

    No wonder you haven't gotten recognition this long, your politicians don't know what they are doing, they are just a bunch relics from the past Somali Republic and dual citizens that are in it for the money. They seek honor, wealth and privilege they would get nowhere else, like a attention whore that has gained a large audience, of cheering fans.

    Understand a slap, when you have received one.

    • Tellmetruth,

      It is not good to speak ill of the dead. You and your likes are burined bones and buried bones never bleed and breed again. Desperate is what makes you write cheap comments, furastration what makes moan, myopia what makes rant and rave after Somaliland. Keep wailing !

    • How about you want war in Somalia between Isaaq and all Zoomalis again?

      I am sure USA and Britain will come to your Aid as the "legitimate" Muqdisho president.


  10. Buuxiye what do think of the recent moves by the west to distance themselves from Somaliland ?

    Does it hurt that they have turned their back on you ?

    Do feel used, now that Somalia's back as a state and they are flocking to it, while abandoning your beloved Somaliland ?

    • Hassan Mahamoud gave a very forward thinking speech in the UN in Belgium when he said. Somalia is not that Somalia of the past, we want good relations with Ethiopia and no longer claim the Somali-region in ethiopia, we have also agreed with Kenya and we no long have aspirations to claim the NFD from Kenya we want peace and a good relationship with our neighbors where we respect each other's borders and work together towards the future. We are not a threat to Djibouti which is a very small city country and we are no threat to it either.

      This for me is an indication of the mindset of a man who understands that Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya are all states that view Somalia as a competition for survival. They all benefit from the chaos of Somalia and Hassan Mahamoud is conscious of it and made attempts to reassure the UN that he is never going to be any danger to these countries.

      More over In a single Speech in front of the UN Hassan Mahamoud has totally flushed the Somaliweyn agenda down the toilet he insulted the dignity of Somalis under occupation in Kilil, he insulted Somalis who are being harassed in NFD and he practically said live on international TV that he does not give a damn about Somalinimo or Midnimo or walaaltinimo. He exchanged the the desire of Somalis from across the 5-somali-regions for a few claps at the UN conference.

      – This man lacks all principles he will not even respect the Road-Map constitution that gave him a government in the first place.
      – He has sidelined Puntland, Gamudug, ASWJ and the Somali Elders who made the entire SELECTION process possible, when against all odds as they risked their lives visiteing Muuqdishu while shabab still had a significant presence.
      – Hassan Mahamoud has no confidence to set a date for Amisom's exit.
      – Hassan's Government forces are the master minds behind 90% of armed crime in muuqdishu and suroundings where 1.5million idps still depend on food aid.
      – 1.27million of Hassan's refugees are still at the mercy of Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen and other neighboring states.
      – USA's recognition is like a Noose around Hassan Mahamoud's head for he is responsible for all harm that comes to the people he "Claims" to be president for. Similar to Ali-Samatar Siyad barres Prime-minister international courts will prosecute Hassan Mahamoud, Saaqid Shirtdoon and their entire government for Human rights abuses including and specially any loss of life as a result of the denial of the population's Democratic right to reject this government and ask them to step down from office.

      What has Somaliland go to do with this Mess…

      Only 1 thing and that is a internationally sponsored Dialogue process Between:

      "Somaliland & TFG's replacement"

      We have nothing else to discuss nor worry of as far as Your Road-Map is concerned. If Hassan Mahamoud wishes to antagonize my people it will only haunt him at a later date and decline in security situation in somaliland-Republic is something that is internal and like we have always done in the past we will respect the decisions of others and continue to develop and improve the areas of weakness that exists in our security.

      The only weakness in Somaliland-Republic security is the uncontrolled traffic between Somaliland and Somalia. Strict action from Somaliland government will only harm the farmers who bring their produce to somaliland markets and the refugees from Somalia who are fleeing the harsh conditions of muuqdishu's 1.5million idps who constat abuse and torture at the hands of Hassan Mahamoud's forces is evident to the international community.

      2-STATE dialogue process is in the benefit of both states:

      – Somaliland-Republic can convey the desire of it's population under international observation.
      – Somalia-federal Road-Map government will gain more legitimacy by engaging with Somaliland.

      WIN-WIN situation 🙂

  11. Al Shabab terrorists have some sympathizers or followers in Somaliland but are outnumbered by the Somalilanders who stick to their old Shafi way of worshiping Allah. The government must keep an eye on those would-be terrorists and if necessary take precautionary measures by putting them in jail so that they shouldn't disturb the peace the country is enjoying. Remember that those who believe in what the terrorists espouse are walking timebombs and deserve to be gotten rid of before it is too late. The people of Somaliland must be alert and inform the government if they encounter any suspicious person. Our peace and stability are very important for our people and the progressive standing of our country.

  12. Somaliland knows Al-shabaab's danger and what they are capable! but what surprises me is people who are from somewhere Al-shabaab stoned to death 13 year old girl under their watch, who are again saying nasty things to Somaliland and its people. Somaliland will tight its security and no one will support this terrorist group unlike some Somalian people.