In accordance with its ambition to become a technological hub in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland wants to build a digital identity. The small territory explores potential avenues with other African nations.

Somaliland expressed to Sierra Leone the desire for collaboration in the field of information and communication technologies. Thursday, January 21, his Minister of ICT, Abdiweli Soufi Jibril (photo), sent a correspondence to this effect to his Sierra Leonean counterpart, Mohamed Rahman Swaray.

In it, Abdiweli Soufi Jibril states: “  We, the Somaliland Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, would like to submit this letter of intent to gain your support and collaboration in the ICT industry, including including establishing a business partnership with your esteemed office regarding the Internet Top Level Domain Name  ”.

With this call for collaboration, Somaliland is continuing its efforts to develop its own digital identity. The country, which has called on its institutions since 2018 to no longer use Somalia’s national domain name, wishes to temporarily use that of Sierra Leone until it can potentially obtain its own and acquire its own telephone code.

By shaping its digital identity, Somaliland wants to make itself better known internationally. The territory, which proclaimed its independence from Somalia in 1991, says it wants to become the technological hub of the Horn of Africa.