ADDIS ABABA (Somalilandpress) — A high-ranking Somaliland delegation consisting of senior members of parliament and government ministers have departed the Ethiopian capital and are on their way to Washington on an official visit at the invitation of Obama administration.

The delegation is led by the Deputy Speaker of the Somaliland parliament, Mr. Bashe Mohamed Farah and the Deputy Chair of the Somaliland House of Elders, Mr. Saeed Jama Ali. The ministers are minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abdullahi Duale, Minister of Planning, Mr. Ali Ibrahim, Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Abdullahi Ismael and minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Osman Sheikh.
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The Somaliland delegation are expected to hold high-level talks with senior members of the Obama administration, members of Congress and other officials including USAID and democratic organisations, on issues regarding security, development and democratic process in Somaliland.

The delegation are also expected to meet with the Somaliland community in the United States.

It is the first time a delegation consisting of members of parliament and the Rayale administration have visited the United States.

Source: Qarannews, 19th March 2010


  1. The delegation should have specific talking points to discuss with the US adminsitration. One is recognition. Two assist Somaliland in nation building, militarily to combat piracy and terrorism stem from Somalia. They should not and I repeat never meet up withunelected Sheikh Sharrif who is also due in Washington for talks. We are two separate states if they the TFG need our help they first need to spell the magic words WE SOMALIA RECOGNISE SOMALILAND as a sovriegn state anything less is sheeko caruureed iyo maala'awal

  2. America doesn't recognize Somali land. Their main objective is to stabilize Somalia (The South) through Somali land by supporting the latter's embryonic democracy. They also are concerned with the security of the region so that terrorism and piracy do not affect whole area. Somali land and Somalia are situated in an strategic area. America as a super power needs to control the Indian Ocean, the Arabia Sea, and the Red sea militarily and economically.

  3. America will recognize Somaliland if Somaliland can get Israel and Israeli lobbyist groups in Washington on their side and I think they are almost there.

    America doesnt do much for Somaliland they need to step up and support development the $4-million they provide through USAID cant even support one polling station.

    America needs to review it's policies around the world not only with Somaliland.

    This is a good start.

  4. I do not know exactly how this visit is arranged and who arranged, but I would like to see this delegation speak for Somaliland, and not for the sack of visit to USA. We [Somaliland] should tell the Americans, we have something you need to have access and we want something that you can do for us. American business is business. Nothing else. Show them that the strategic location of Somaliland is important for America and for Somaliland and we should discuss this only, and how America can realize the need of Somaliland people.

  5. Boqoljireh and Mohamed Khalid are so negative. Hey, let the delegation get there and see what happens in the talks. The US will support and recognise anyone who happens to be in step with their national interest. Somaliland is fighting terrorism and piracy. We are a moderate Muslim nation and a nascent democracy too. We have more to offer the US than anyone else in the region, including those who are selling the very weapons the US is providing to fight militatants. As for the $4 million dollars for the election.Get real, try and see if you can get $4 from our "arab and african" brothers to help fund the election.

  6. I feel so embarrassed that I know in advance that the delegates being sent by our current government are probably more looking forward to strealing toiletries from the hotels they stay in than the actual points of discussion at the meeting.

    I would not be surprised if America is warming up to recognizing us; but I still think that the current government and the way we are set up is a joke and that embarrassingly incompetent people end up in high positions.

  7. The delegation should engage the US government not only in recognition of our nation but also to help build it. 4m is a not bad as a start. (as Kariye said, we got nothing from our African and Arab brothers)

    The delegation should not only meet the government officials but promote the concept of SOMALILAND nation. They should meet NGOs, Institutions, Lobbyist, etc. They should strive hard to give interviews to journalist, visit universities, meet civil society institutions,e tc. In general make the best of their trip.

    I wish them success.

  8. All these ministers and speakers are incompotent in the future I suggest before they send a delegation they should get a feedback from the public. This is a lost opportunity and I reckon Dahir Rayale did this on purpose – don't think this guy supports Somaliland becoming recognized he is fake.
    We need to vote him off and it will not even take others two years to bring recognition.

    This delegation is going to Washington for personal reasons they happy to leave Hargeisa. The so-called government could not even afford a plane for them they took a taxi to Jigjiga (Ethiopia), they using the airport is under construction as excuse. They could have taken a plane from Berbera or other towns, why not? It shows they milking the country from the little it gets and they give nothing in return now they taking taxi to othe rcountries, they are joke.

    Who is going to even meet them they can't even organise a plane. Silanyo took a private jet. What a losers

  9. Sxb wax wayn naan helikaraa markaasaan labo magaalo kuwareegaynaa aduun kii maanta waa halmagaalo Waac ogtihiin in eurub ay midoobayso anaguna xaafad baankuu raadinaynaa war hamigiina meelfog geeya somaaliya maxaa idinka hortaagan inaad xukuntaan

  10. Somalilander raised a good point. I still remember the last visit by Riyaale and his entourage of incompetent ministers who most of could not speak ENGLISH let alone discuss mutual interests of two nations.

  11. Shiek Shariff is in for a tough time! USA wants to know:

    – Where is the food aid?
    – Where are the weabons we gave you?
    – What has our money been spent on?
    – Why are Al-Shabaab still giving you instructions?
    – Why are your minsters defecting to Al-Shabaab?
    – Wait did we even check that you are a former Islamic extremist who hates the USA? with links to suicide squads?

    Ok Sheik Shariff how would you like to replace Bin-Laden as our top excuse to invading countries with natural resources???

    Sign here please………………….. and we will make sure the somaliland dream is crushed here and now….

  12. The obama administration is keen not to repeat the past mistakes of previous administrations when it comes to engaging somaliland.Somaliland outstanding record in human rights , political and economical progress had tiped the balance to it's favor,the U.S adminisration are fully aware of challanges that may stim from a volatile region such as East Africa , from strategic point of view it's imperative to have somaliland as stabilizing force in the region.Recognize somaliland

  13. I was quite perplexed when an editorial in a major arab news paper had expressed an astonishment that Somaliland is seeking to be internationally recognized, my response to that is do you honestly believe that we will wait for the arab league to decide our fate and destiny an organization that gives legitimacy to bunch of corrupt , dictatorial and tyrannical regimes, Somaliland will make it's own destiny, God blessed Somaliland .

  14. Americans have a tendency not to respect people who can't articulate their points. Therefore, The government should send it's best and brightest to represent us and to convince the Americans where we stand and what we want from the Americans and the Internation Community. Recognition, development, military and capacity building.

  15. Look at the rubbish gobaad wrote. Have you ever Abdillahi Mohamed Duale or Ali Sanyare? Have you ever met Baashe Maxamed?. Have you ever heard them speak. Check out youtube and watch Abdillahi Mohamed articulate Somaliland’s position. Ali Sanyare was given a medal of honor on his retirement from the UN. First of all stop making comments on people you don’t know, haven’t met or have any ideas on their personal skills.

    • What is so rubbish about what I wrote, Hurguf? You are right. I don't know the background of any of the people you mentioned. I am just saying: the government has to send it's best and brightest. What is wrong with that? That is my point and I am sticking to it.

  16. Somalilander, Pls remove those 80's Siyyad Barre type glasses and get off that high horse that you are on.

    You look and sound very narsistic and full of yourself like one of those vain Arab kings who put up their pictures all over billboards in the middle east.

  17. Somaliland have been always known of sending a politically savvy and shrewd delegates who's not only could articulate somaliland position , but also made a compelling case of somaliland recognition . in a recent memo that was released by the U.S department of state in refference to Brussels-basesd think-tank international crisis group(ICG) that favars somaliland recognition , the international community is morally obligated to recognize somaliland

  18. Gobaad, you should have said “I don’t know the backgrounds of the delegation going to the US, but I hope they are best and brightest”, then get yourself informed about them. But, you first statement was so general, it was just rubbish. That is my point.

  19. Look, Mr. Hurguf, all the comments posted here indicates that they are a bunch of incompetents ministeries who don't have the interest of Somaliland at heart.

    Besides, they were sitting on behind for the last 7 years, but trying to show some activities now because of looming election. Any idiot can see that. And moreover, I am entitled to opinion. I can speak my mind and express my opinion.

    If you are trying to start argument with me, personally. Spare me, because I am interested.