Hargeisa- Somaliland immigration police have arrested five Nigerians and a man claiming to be holding dual Somali-Tanzanian citizens, who the police say were involved in making counterfeit currency.

Brigadier General Mohamed Osman Alin, Commander of the Somaliland Immigration Force,  reported on the equipment seized from the six people accused of making counterfeit currency.

They were in possession of Paper money, chemicals, paper cutters, labels, chalk, herbal and liquid medicines, and other aids are all there during the time of their arrest .” said the Immigration commander.

The commander said the suspects entered Somaliland from Egal Airport and the border town of Wajale, on the Somaliland-Ethiopia border.

Former Somaliland Central Bank Governor Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi said the suspects were an organized group that wanted to harm Somaliland’s economy.

“They are a group that invaded us and wanted to destabilize the Somaliland economy. They are organized men who seem to be really good at their work. There is nothing missing from the chemicals to the paper, and the money they intended to print was a lot of money,” Baghdadi said.

Defendants are expected to appear in court in the next 48 hours.