18 may12By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland government has for the first time announced that the country armed forces took over the town of Taleeh without any resistance from the Khatuumo militia today and are in full control of Taleeh district and its environs this according to the officials Somaliland army spokesperson.

The spokesman of Somaliland armed forces Colonel Osman Abdillahi Said in press briefing today held at the Ministry of Defense said, “As of today at midday Somaliland armed forces units entered the town of Taleeh without any resistance from the so called Khatuumo militia are now in full control of Taleeh town.

Col. Osman went on to say ,”The national army will establish bases in the district and are dug in for the long haul and our units are currently conducting security related operations to flush out any would be militia.

The Somaliland army has restored a sense of normality since taking full of the town of Taleeh and its environs this after residents of the town came out in sheer numbers to welcome the Somaliland army after militiamen aligned to Khatuumo milita led by the rogue Inda Sheel fled the town.

This is the first time in years since Somaliland extended its sphere of influence Taleeh which is situated 180 km south east of Las Anod the regional capital of sool region.

Somaliland has already beefed up security in the region and is determined to fend off any attempts to destabilize its borders and security forces in the region are expected to be on a high alert until further orders readiness so as to deal with any situation as it a rises.

The semi-autonomous region of Puntland has not yet issued any statement regarding the issue.

The recent development will heighten the existing tensions and may escalate to full blown conflict between Somaliland and Puntland.

Puntland has in the past actively been funding and supporting underground movements in an attempt to instigate armed conflicts in the eastern regions of Somaliland so as to undermine Somaliland Sovereignty. 


  1. we will defend our borders and boundaries !!!!!!!!! we are tired of pulls hit of khatuumo militias, we hit two bulls as same time recognition and defend borders !!!!!!! cheers military s viva silanyo viva somaliland

  2. It is over before it started; Garadag forces retreated and withdrew from the Sayid’s fort as swiftly as they came. The whole operation was nothing but sinister propaganda to entertain the hapless separatists in our northern region for few more days. See the comoments in this section celebrating prematurely. Whether Silaanyo makes a surprise visit to a little dusty village in the mountains or not, Sool and Sanag and Khatumo will always stand for free and United Somalia. The Sayid will be pleased!

    • Your mad mulla is dead lying under our feet now, with your small dead troll, afwayne and are burning in hell fire now. Stay tuned we are going to wipe all our mad enemies off the face of the earth Inshallah and very soon!