By M.A. Egge

The local association of the legal fraternity has chosen a new leadership.

The Somaliland Lawyers Association (SOLLA) unanimously elected Mr. Hassan Abdillahi Awale as its new chairperson while Mukhtar Dahir Jibril become his deputy.

Their tenure is supposed to be for three years.

To grace the occasion was Chief Justice Adan Haji Ali who had words of wisdom for the advocates.

It is worth noting that of late the SOLLA organization was not conducting their affairs as per general expectations, given the onerous tasks bestowed upon them.

It is to this end that the Chief Justice gave advice to the lawyers to the effect that they should bolster their association to make it formidable as per cue.

He pledged to be supportive and have good inter-working relationships with SOLLA, hence lauded the female gender advocates who have joined SOLLA.

The ladies now consists of a quater of the SOLLA board’s 12 members.

He assured them the Judiciary was not undermining SOLLA in anyway but called upon them to have their representations solidified within the advocate’s organizations.

He urged them to be rally around their leadership while looking towards their executive board for stewardship through the laid down procedural means.