By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

 Somaliland foreign minister Yonis Bihi announced the stalled talks will resume in Turkey very soon, this announcement comes after a minister from Mogadishu said they stipulated the talks to start with Somaliland, of the phrase of independence from the dialogue be removed which sent heart-breaking message to Somalilanders all over the world and presumably returned the talks to square one. Mogadishu based government led by Sheikh Hasan at the mercy of a foreign military protector is thought they became politically mature. Talks meant to discuss ways of amicable disunity since Somalia went belly-up, so instead facing reality sooner than later. They chose to kick the can down the road. But they can’t rewrite history.

 It is obvious Somaliland wants independence and exit from Somalia’s quagmire, so the demand to remove the word of independence from any future talks is pointless.

Before last year, Sheikh Hasan president sleeping in minefield house near the killing-fields of Mogadishu, only miles within the mortar range of Al Shabab woke up of shelling perhaps and uttered “Somaliland is based on sentimentality…,” this rhetoric came as bombshell to thousands of Somalilanders celebrating of their D- day, 18 May of the unilateral declaration of independence that led global isolation on Somaliland and kept the people in state of limbo ever since.  Speech, however, has consequences; can instigate deadly war, so he needs to have sane press secretary— I do not think sane person has been left in the “ black hole anarchy”— to censor his childish utterances.

From Somaliland’s perspective, such irresponsible assertion and indirect territorial sovereignty claims over Somaliland meant declaration of war upon Somaliland and a painful remainder of brutal years they spent together with failed union with Mogadishu brutal dictator.

 Unlike South and North Sudans which agreed on Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which led the separation, Somalia’s delegates go to the talks venue thinking the talks outcome is not internationally binding and they can pick and choose or they can come once they wish or disappear from the scene if they want to, as well.  Such talks at the least in their mind are very much similar to the ones they have with Xeeb Xin region or Puntland in Somalia. And they consider Turkish officials represent none other than themselves or praying as Muslim faithful for the return of Somalia’s delusional unity.

During the current president’s predecessor Sharif Sheikh Hasan, currently formatting his mentality in Boston, MA. USA to stay updated had deal with Kenyan government to demarcate the maritime zone of Somalia once again. He unwittingly signed a deal with Nairobi— annexation of Somalia’s beautiful rich coast to Kenya is not an issue here.  Once asked what is called what he signed “it is not an accord but a memorandum of understanding” he naively uttered.

Somaliland does want inherited border at the time of colonial demarcation be recognized as a nation.

Turkey must forewarn Somalia of the consequences if they fail to oblige the communiqué.  Somalia have sworn in the Quran or others thousand times before but never met! Unless the international community gives ultimatum to Mogadishu so called leaders to oblige and meet accords, the talks will lead us to nowhere because Somalia’s hand-picked folks with Taliban tendencies including the parliament are not God-fearing but of the brutality of the world police.

However; Somaliland considered talks would lead win-win situation and kept dialogue open—still continues to believe so— but had a rude awaking when Somalia Saled Jele-style minister uttered ridiculous remarks.


  1. Good piece Abdirahman. Keep up the good work bro. I could not have said it better, but just want to add the following comment posted already for emphasis: Is wanlaweyn serious about the talks? No. Can we ever trust them again? No, but we don't hate everyone of them. We hate those who propagate in our country the fake Somaliweyn aka wanlaweyn ideals they used for committing genocide in our country and for reducing our cities to rubbles. We hate those who conflate their inter-clan warfare with the atrocities committed against our people by in Abdille Hassan, Afweyne, Gani, Morgan, ina Ali Samatar and the likes and we hate those who continue to make justifications for the actions of these mujrims. And finally we hate anyone who does not accept the two-state-solution, two countries living peacefully side by side. We mark these people as our enemies so that we can distinguish them from our friends and friends of peace.

  2. I don't disagree with the article, but Crocodile Allaha ku caafiyo saaxiib, iska ilaaw cuqdadda lafta iyo dhuuxa kaaga jirta. Dad la laayay baad ka hadlaysaa, waxaan haynaa dadka haraga laga siibay oo la la jarjaray, waxaana sameeyay duul ay cuqdaddu waashay.
    Kuwaas sida xun loo laayay ma faraajiin bay ahaayeen? maxayse galabsadeen?

    • Typical wanlaweyn and fake Somaliweyn faking it again. Nobody takes you serious. Was it not you who was claiming that Jigjiga is part of your fake wanlaweyn land? Was it not you who was justifying the atrocities committed by your uncle ina Abdillle Hassan? Now tell me who in their right mind will listen to your fake and delusional claims?

    • Yaab! waar Gee xageed ku haysaa dadkan aad sheegayso ma gurigaaga? walaweyn wax walba waa laga
      maqli. aqli xumaa.

      • Croc fiiri we were talking about Sayid Mohammed about whom we have differed with regards to be whether is was a Hero or murderer. I admire Sayid Mohammed and his long struggle against foreign occupation. I don't give dam if someone cares about me or not, I just care about my self and ideas which I express in a clear tone with justifiable facts. I also argued said that Siyad Bare was done good thing for you SNM people though I admit the regimes' brutality due to the rebellion. But still there are so may things that makes to speak the same language specially when it come defending the cause of Somaliland.

        • My dear friend Gee
          I thought you were the fake ghee subag shagari, but you are the genuine ghee subag sixin. We can differ on many things bro, but for as long as we agree on the fundamental existence of our threatened nation of Somaliland established in the beitul salam of Borama we are fine. The rest is secondary. But when it comes to defending our cause from wanlaweyn everything is primarily essential and nothing is secondary until the day they wake up to the reality of what is good for them, good for us and good for the region – two nations The Republic of Somaliland with our national flag embroidered with towheed flying over UN headquarters and theirs whatever they call it..

    • Not only is Somaliland divisible but so is Hargaysa divisible in your concocted mentality. What a childish wanlaweyn perspective!!! No doubt wanlaweyn brain is full of the fake ghee they call subag shagari. The problem is that these people have been reading fake history books. My dear enemy Ali, Africa is left with a legacy. That legacy is called colonial legacy. It defines all the borders in Africa. I know you have not read genuine history books, because if you did you would understand things. Now you say let us agree to the two state solution and cut off all links with Hargaysa and Burco. Let me tell you that this is exactly what we want. We would not miss your fake ghee subag shagari, your fake titles of Dr. Abdirahman Bululbuluq, Dr Ali Geedi, Dr Abdisalam Salad Hassan, Dr Saacid, and your most recent Dr Abdiweli Sheek Axmed.

  3. If such statement was made by an amateur Somali politician in public, obviously he's rubbed Somaliland in the wrong way, regardless of his motive. Thus, should the planned meeting in Turkey ever takes place,
    Hassan Sheikh will look like a deer on a headlight as he will be asked to touch on the core objectives of the meeting…..It would be very interesting to watch how far he can put his foot into his mouth.

  4. I see grace, courage and objectivity here. National interest should come first and before everything else and that is what Abdulrahman is doing here.

    For all Somalilanders, we can have difference of opinions on local issues, but we must stand shoulder in shoulder in matters of national concern and specially, when our government is fighting for us in foreign lands. Let us keep party politics out talks with Somalia, because this will give falls signals to the mafia in Mogadishu thinking that some of us are not for sovereignty, because the do not understand the meaning of democracy and freedom of speech.

  5. Somalia is united regardless of this so called nonsense negotiation turn out to be.We somalis will not allow somalia to be separated and we will do everything we can to unite somalia and get rid of this pathettic so called clan politician ruling hargeysa and burco.

    • Hallucinating wanlalweyn, just check the photo you see right in front of you. What do you see? You sent your Culusow and your Cabdikarim Xuseen Guleed, the one we though a bantu AMISOM representative, to Turkey to represent you in the negotiation. Now you are telling us that both Culusow and Cabdikarim AMISOM, were faking it there in Turkey and you acknowledge yourself that he whole negotiation nonsense and fake. We in Somaliland knew all along that your wanlaweyn government is a poor caricature of politics. That is why we never trust you.

    • Garmaqaate, are you crazy? be a free from Amisom occupation and take control of law and order, establish government structures and give the badly needed services to your people who are suffering from hunger, all kinds of human abuses, daily based war at least the areas you claim to control, them talk to us.
      Hargeisa and Burco etc and their people enjoy freedom, peace and stability, good governance from from government democratically elected by the people.

      • @ Gee I think you and Crocodile tears guy are hallucinating, Look who cares if Amisom is in Mogadishu, Somalia will never ever allow or accept the Northern Somalia to be a separate country, The world have also learned a good lesson from South SUDAN where after being independent for just two years now they are killing each other, again I am not comparing South Sudan and Northern Somalia, South Sudan might have been justified to seek independence bc of the cultural difference with the North. Look I think the whole talks are waste of time since Somalia will not accept the demands of SNM and SNM for now will not accept the demands of Somalia. Culusow will soon be replaced by real wadani hopefully a Daarood and SNM will find it out in a hard way.

        • I love wanlaweyn when they write. Look what this bantu writes "who cares in Amisom is in Mogadishu". He is telling us that Culusow, a Hawiye, is only a fake president, but a real Darod one will soon replace him. He shows us they have no nationalism, yet he calls himself wadani. Is he not hallucinating? And then he writes that he is fine for South Sudan to leave Sudan because of cultural differences. My dear enemy wandani, let me tell you that we, Somalilanders and you wanlaweyn bantus have cultural and racial differences. Just look at the photo in the above article. Don't you see an African bantu and an African Quraysh signing an agreement? For your information the SL delegation and the bantu delegation to Turkey were served difference meals. The wanlaweyn bantu were served a banana dish and Cabdikarim AMISOM requested a fake ghee subag shagari. And the Quraysh were served with a Mediterranean cuisine.

          • Why are you lying you racist? You're being racist to the very same people who YOU are begging for recognition the "Bantus". Caajib Wallahi! So much Irony in one paragraph.

            They were served different meals, Yes. You're right.

            Reer Baadiyo AKA reer Burco were served the only thing they eat raw water boiled Camel meat iyo Khat. Uff,

            Somalilanders have no sense of culture, all their foods were taken from reer konfuur and they were reer baadiyo/nomads until the British saved them. Lol.

          • A wanlaweyn wondering why. ….. The irony is not that we seek recognition from bantu, but it is that we shared our hard won independence with you in the first place.

            In your comment you answered your other wanlaweyn countryman/woman wadani who falsely believed we share the same culture. You told him I was right when I said no. Are you faking in your comment?.

  6. The somali government defined and signed the relationship between them and the administration in the north and thus, it is time to end this nonsensical dialog. These comments were not pointed at somaliland randomly, but to signify that they're stepping up the pressure, and it is up to somaliland to leave or stay around the table. It is too late for somaliland to raise their voices, there are agreements signed.

    • I love when I see wanlaweyn writing. Just read what this bantu has just penned: "it is up to somaliland to leave or stay around the table". Of course it is up to us and it was up to us when we left your bantu banana eating people with their fake politics. One more point for you, my dear bantu enemy, the more we see you digging your heads in the sand, the more we develop our country.

  7. The grass chewing qaldaan of the north are kufaar..the Somali government should not talk to the rebels..warlords of the 90 and 80s..they should be carpet bombed to the ground..the qaldaan understands nothing but garuun..I advice that the so called talks should not continue as of now and lets see where these drunkard qaldaamiin go..they worship ethiopia but ethiopia want somalia more than they want those drunkard grass chewing traitors..we have to put to a stop with this nonsense..there can't a dialogue with snakes..nuke them all and lets take over the north like always..

    • Anti-Qaldan make up your mind. You simply can't have it both ways, carpet bombarding us until we become wanlanweyn and shedding tears that we are all wanlaweyn brothers and sisters.

  8. All you hear from Somalia, is "gow iyo gash ma leh" buuq iyo cabaad. Somaliland is long gone, either we each go our own way peacefully or we do it the hard way, again!

    • Saleebaan, a two state solution is the answer wanlaweyn needs to seriously consider for their sanity. The hard way is the one that got them back to neo-colonialisation by AMISOM and kept them there a quarter of a century.