By Goth Mohamed Goth

SOMTEL is the leading telecommunication company best known for blending hard-core design skills and Innovation and marketing know-how in communication advancement has in a well-attended ceremony SOMTEL launched its latest’s service “RISAALA” which benefit esteemed customers during this COVID-19 times and at the same time announcing a major discount for the holy month of Ramadan.

The new services are composed of two types, the first section enables our customers to learn the Holy Quran Recitation, Tajweed, Hadiths, Religious Summons, Quran memorization and Arabic language while staying at home, all you need to do is dial 288.

The second part is a new Internet package whereby you recharge $ 1 dollar using your SOMTEL sim-card and get 5 GB of the Internet and you get 500 Minutes airtime, it’s a weekly package.

Mr. Khadar Abdurrahman Abdallahi, SOMTEL’s public relations head announced a discount plan that cuts customers’ telephone rates by 250 percent the largest discount to date, providing they also are customers.

“SOMTEL provides affordable rates of both local and international calls that enable its customers to take advantage of modest means for transformative communication. Today we want to offer SOMTEL customers the largest discounts ever that the company made, 250%, with discounts on both the SOMTEL calls and Internet services. For example, if you spend $ 1 on your SOMTEL sim card you get 5 Gb of high-speed Internet and 500 Minutes local call time, ”he said.

Khadar Abdurrahman Abdallahl said, “We are also launching “RISAALA” service here today, which enables our customers to learn the Holy Quran Recitation, Hadiths, Religious Summons, Quran memorization and Arabic language while staying at home, by dialing 288. The reason is SOMTEL stands with its customers during trying times of COVID-19.

On the other hand, Mr.  Ahmed Goolcade of the University of Hargeisa speaking during the launching of the new “Risaala” service said that it has come at a time when it is needed most.

Mr. Jama Muse Jama, chairman of the Hargeisa Cultural Center, thanked SOMTEL for the new service it offers today, which will benefit its community in a time of global crisis.

“Speaking on behalf of the civil society organizations, I am grateful to SOMTEL for providing its customers with useful and useful services today and responding to the needs and desires of the community in this difficult time.”

Mr. Abdinassir Daud, the deputy chairman of SOMTEL speaking during the occasion said SOMTEL will play a unique role in creating a dynamic experience by introducing a wide range of new services.

“The purpose of launching the new “Risaala” service is to enable our customers to learn the Holy Quran while tending their livestock or working in their farms, be it the Holy Quran Recitation, Hadiths, and Religious Summons”, he said.

“Our corporate responsibility calls for SOMTEL to give back to its esteemed customers, so that they can benefit from our services thus why we have decided to make this huge discounts in the call and internet service we provide, although it hard for any company to embark on such decision, we did so in regard to the current situation faced by our customers during this COVID-19 times,” said Mr. Abdinassir Daud.

Finally, Mr. Abdale Ibrahim the director-general in the ministry of religious affairs thanked SOMTEL for launching the new “Risaala” service and outlined the importance of the service to the community by saying, “SOMTEL’s customers are posed to benefit from the many advantages this service has to offer, and the Company has already partnered with the ministry on several programs.

He added “The one-time discount announced by the company shows the scale of compassion and caring that the company has towards its customers, and myself been a SOMTEL customer, thank you for being with us during this difficult time faced by the nation and the people.