By Goth Mohamed Goth

SOMTEL is the leading telecommunication company best known for blending hard-core design skills and Innovation and marketing expertise in communication advancement has unveiled the most expensive sales promotion giveaway extravagance ever held in the Somali speaking regions.

Somtel is known for compassion and caring towards its customers during difficult times and development projects such health and education has unveiled 5 thousand prizes that consist of 10 brand new Hyundai cars, mobile phones, washing machines, Gold Jewellery, money and open bank account with cash to be opened at the Dahabshiil bank and full enjoyment and boarding at Damal Hotels.

Many people interested in taking part attended the launching of the new Somtel giveaway extravagance.

Also present were top representatives of Somtel, Dahabshiil Bank, Hyundai Motor Company, and Damal Hotels.

Firstly, Mr. Khadar Abdurrahman’s head of marketing at Somtel outlined the various prizes to be won during the company giveaway extravagance.

Mr. Khadar Abdurrahman added, β€œToday the 11th of July, 2020, SOMTEL unveils a Major Promotion Giveaway Extravagance ever held in the Somali speaking regions, among the prizes to be won are 10 brand new Hyundai cars, latest 2020 model mobile phones, washing machines, Fuel Vouchers,Β  Gold Jewellery, money and open bank account with cash to be opened at the Dahabshiil bank and full enjoyment and boarding at Damal Hotels and 5 thousand other prizes.


Ms.Samir Dualeh, a top official at Somtel’s, said that the program is available to all customers in all the regions of the country.

She added that winners would be selected using fair criteria and chosen at random from all valid entries returned by participants. The terms and conditions of participating in the promotion is by purchasing Somtel call airtime, Somtel internet, and edahab subscribers. Also all retailers or resellers selling various Somtel services are eligible to participate in the sales promotion giveaway extravagance.

Ms. Samir Dualeh also thanked all the firms taking part in the Sales promotion extravagance notably Dahabshiil Bank, Hyundai Motors, Damal Hotels, and Samsung.

On the other hand, the CEO of Hyundai Motors Awil Salah briefed Somtel customers on the price and quality of the cars. Awil also promised to give the winners a free maintenance care service for their vehicles.

Lastly, Ms. Saado Mohamed Said, the managing director of Damal Hotels speaking at the venue said the winners OF Damal Hotel’s prize would enjoy a luxurious stay at Damal Berbera or Hargeisa.