SONYO LOGOBy Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

SONYO the youth forum fund by international donors, has been the only platform youth can assembly, and exchange information on youth participation in the political process that concerns them but Islamists running government saw it as distraction from the ongoing Jihad in ISIS and Somalia in particular where Madrasa producing new blood jihadists unable to cope with the reinforcement requirements on the ground as African peacekeeping forces were doubled and the dirty murderers were either killed off or captured alive and that’s the case every time a man-to-man battle occur. The outgoing lad however unfortunately became in instrumental in dismantling the last civil society SONYO by allowing his installing master to take the microphone and insult of the few noble writers remaining in our nation, BoobeYusuf, during the SONYO’s inauguration of its building financed by the government to silence them.

Youth including the poor outgoing naïve failed to defend their sole institution they own from rampaging ministers including “Sheikh” Samale who put Jihad on anyone who disagrees with him unfairly citing Quran verses to falsely portray his opponents as apostates. Now SONY is occupied by people who do the dirty work but often someone else gets the credit for getting it done.

Removing Both SONYO and SOLJA from the hands of the youth has become the sole ultimate goal of president Silanyo who see this act as a atonement of his past sins as well as forced return of MTV influenced youth to Wahabi sphere, what else one can explain that when last night celebrations of the new year was suspended with force, youngsters partying for the new years were thrown behind bars.

Its good strategy that push youth only one option open to them: to go radicalizing Madrasa and end up where Faisal Ali Warabe’s son has ended up. Imagine a country whose presidential candidate like Faysal Ali whose son joined ISIS and minister Khalil whose son used to drive Godane’s car before the US mined the Somalia’s airspace with Drones forcing terrorists to use donkey transport.

A rumor in Hargiesa says that Youth Office was sold to a businessman; another one says the building was transferred to the minister Khalil’s authority. Others say the building was taken by Hargiesa Hospital as dead room which I support since its foundation objective was destroyed.

Youth in Somaliland were not different from Somalia’s but had institution to work in, spend their time freely without interacting any Pakistani trained terrorist or super global star militant who bankrolled Jihadsor government minister that tell them Valentine’s Day is un-cultural when they need employment, the Somalia’s youth had no choices rather joining militants dying for them under the illusion of heavenly Huuris when the reality is hellfire of both worlds: US hellfire missile in this world and hellfire in hereafter.

SONYO is no longer civil institution that can meet the criterion of receiving funds from donors but arm of the government; it can be ammunition magazine or political office where ministers pour insults on opposition figures that they see pose threat to their unpopular system.

It’s the time UNPD, EU and other international partners reconsider their ties with this organization. Any partner NGO decide to continue working would simply empower an institution that violate the national constitution of which guarantees that the New Year is official holiday, people off work means that they can celebrate in whatsoever they want but last night party goers were arrested. The only places the New Year celebrations are banned are Afghanistan during Taliban rule and Peshawar of Pakistan where Paki Taliban’s influence is strong. Is Somaliland the Peshawar of Somalia?

Besides SONYO tragically turned puppet institution, In Somaliland there’s no theaters or amenities of a city and entertainment TV channels to watch except Wahabi TV Channels lectures promoting culture of intoleranceas Sufis is undermined by Silanyo’s Khalil Minister determined manand asking cash donations to build a mosque- which I agree if they genuinely meant it or funding South East Asia where Saudis export their Ebola cult to keep in object poverty. Nationalizing SONYO after free press muted however tells us the direction the country headed fraying at the seams.

No one doubts that SONYO’s closure or moving it to under ministry is heavy blow to youth whose sole platform to discuss openly has disappeared. Clannish Ministers are begun urging their youth to declare their own SONYOs in their district to exacerbate. However; the international donors would find difficult to work with controversial institution that directly run by the government but falsely claim to be a civil society organization.