“The Las Anod market is experiencing a huge demand for goods that is becoming unable to handle”

This was informed by the Sool regional Governor Abdikarin Aden Haji Diriye, following an inspection tour of various commercial facilities in Las Anod.

Governor Diriye was flanked by the regional Somaliland police commander, the mayor of Las Anod and several other regional adminstration officials

The team visited various facilities such as bazaars, clothing and footwear stores, hotels, public service vehicle stops among others

At the time of the inspection, the Las Anod commercial market was in a state of turmoil, due to a very large number of shoppers vying for the limited stocks of goods.

While the last ten of Ramadan always creates a buying frenzy country as citizens prepare for Eid al-Fitr celebrations, the markets in Las Anod the Sool regional capital, the devastation of Waheen Market in Hargeisa is being felt.

In his Post inspection tour briefing to the media the governor said that the it is always a common practice for Local traders to secure Supplies from Hargeisa.

Adding that the markets here do not only serve residents of Las Anod but the entire Sool region thus the effects from destruction of the main Somaliland market

Waheen market burned down completely in the beginning of the month leaving over 2000 stall owners destitue, 5000 employees without sources of livelihoods in the fire which gutted assorted goods estimated to be worth $2 billions.

Informing that the local markets are not only facing a short of Supplies but are congested and without proper infrastructure and sanitation as well the regional adminstration promised expedited action.

Sool Regional Administration Inspects Markets in Las Anod

Also attributed, to the ongoing stocks insufficiency is prolonged drought and scaling down caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sool like other Somaliland eastern regions has been ravaged by impact of recurrent drought that has seen livestock the economic mainstay of many destroyed thus a huge rural to urban migration.

“From this monitoring tour we are going to put urgent remedial measures in place in close cooperation with the central government in Hargeisa” said Abdikarin Adan Haji Diriye.

Noting that citizens were performing normal activities in peace despite existing shortages the regional boss said this was made possible by diligence shown by the police service.

Said he ” I commend our security officers , especially in Las Anod for their constant vigilance in maintaining public safety”

He noted that the inspection revealed the security situation in which the community was shopping at various shops was the beat possible ever.

Sool Regional Administration officials enjoy a cup of team In Markets in Las Anod

“I am very grateful to the police force for its continued support to the security of the country and more, the officers in Sool region” said the Mayor of Las Anod Councillor Abdirahman Ismail

According to the civic leader it was not only the capital Las Anod but every district, trading centres that are benefitting from maintance of law and order but residents of Sool region as well.