The Regional Court judge of Sool region, the Honourable Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, was killed Monday afternoon by a suspected IED device fixed on his vehicle in Las Anod, the regional capital.

The deceased judge assumed office eight years ago.

The explosion, it is reported, happened at around 5:30 in the afternoon at a time people were waiting for Maghreb prayers.

Las Anod was a target of unidentified targeted killings before ten years or so. During that time hardly a day dawned or a night drew its curtains without one fatal incident or another rocking the desired tranquillity of its tired residents.

Sine 2010, killings that happened could be directly traced to an identifiable assailant or a cause – most of which linked to revenge issues.

Neither the government of Somaliland nor any other party disclosed suspects to the killing.

The regional police commissioner, colonel Ahmed Abdi, said investigations were underway and finding not decisive yet.