By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Speaker of Somaliland National Assembly Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullah “Cirro” in the cause of this week meet with the deputy Prime Minister of UK Hon Nick Clegg in the city of Sheffield.

The national Speaker leading a delegation consisting of members of his own party (WADDANI)and several MPs who  were attending the historic event in which the city of Sheffield became the first local authority in the UK to recognize Somaliland as a sovereign state. Hon Cirro urged the Deputy PM to support Somaliland quest for self-determination in the UK parliament and he also on behalf of the people of Somaliland thanked the Deputy PM and the people of Sheffield for their support.

Hon Abdurahman Cirro also thanked Somalilanders also congratulate the Somaliland residents in Sheffield and their local councilors whom have worked so tirelessly and passionately to show the rest of the world that Somaliland deserves a diplomatic ”recognition’ .

The speaker was accompanied by Hon Abdirahman Hoog MP and Hon Rayte MP both members of WADDANI.


  1. Just a piece of advice SLP: drop this Hon this Hon that business. It hasnt been used in the English-speaking media since the Boer wars. Check any any English-speaking newspaper and see what I mean.