The Honorable Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yassin Haji Mohamoud Hiir ‘Faratoon’, Wednesday, made a wide reshuffle to the composition of the House subcommittees.

The changes as published on the official website and social media platforms of the HoR cover all the committees leaving very few members to continue roles in their previous committees.

It is mandatory to shift committee memberships once their yearly tenure expires. This time around, the reshuffle comes more than seventeen months overdue due to circumstances mostly beyond the control of the House impacting on the proper dispensation of their responsibilities.

The Speakers’ committees’ nominations appeared as below:

1. The Standing Committee

  1. Abdikareem Adan Omar ‘Dhiirane’
  2. Abdullahi Musa Abdi Awale
  3. Jimale Ahmed Yonis
  4. Mohamoud Hayir Duale
  5. Yussuf Farah Warsame
  6. Mohamoud Farah Jama
  7. Mukhtar Ibrahim Habashi
  8. Sheikh Ahmed Dayib ‘Ku-Addeeye’
  9. Suleiman Nur Warsame ‘Food’
  10. Mubarik Hussein Mohamed ‘Heeldhere’
  11. Abokor Farah Warsame
  12. Abdirahman Yussuf Mohamed ‘Badheedhe’
  13. Hassan Dhuhul Laabsaalah

2. Economy, Finance and Trade

  1. Hussein Ismail Jama
  2. Abokor Saeed Ali
  3. Ahmed Abdu Musa
  4. Mohamed Khadar Dahir
  5. Ibrahim Ali Jama
  6. Gulaid Mohamed Warsame
  7. Mustafa Ahmed Abdullahi
  8. Khadar Ali Hassan (Hakim)
  9. Ali Hussein Nur ‘Beegsi’

3. Internal Affairs, Defense and Security

  1. Abdullahi Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed’
  2. Ahmed Mohamed Hurre ‘Barkhad’
  3. Ahmed Musa Jama
  4. Fuad Ahmed Derie
  5. Ahmed Mohamoiud Abdullahi ‘Fanah’
  6. Saeed Jama Hassan ‘Adde’
  7. Adan Osman Harbi

4. Sharia, Constitution and Family Affairs

  1. Barkhad Jama Hersi ‘Battun’
  2. Ali Jama Arrale ‘Qaran’
  3. Salah Mohamed Derie
  4. Hussein Adan Abdi
  5. Mohamed Hussein Maydhane
  6. Qassem Adan Suleiman
  7. Saeed Mohamed Ismail ‘Sokeeye’

5. Social Affairs

  1. Amina Elmi Farid
  2. Ahmed Abdikareem Duale ‘Walhad’
  3. Ahmed Jama Salah
  4. Hersi Abdullahi Hersi
  5. Ibrahim Mohamed Jama ‘Guun’
  6. Abdullahi Mohamed Adan
  7. Abdullahi Yussuf Ahmed

6. Public Works, Technology, Housing and Transportation

  1. Jama Adan Derie
  2. Eng. Ahmed Abdi Ibrahim (Timojili’)
  3. Eng. Hassan Ahmed Elmi ‘Keyse’
  4. Eng. Suleiman Ahmed Arab
  5. Amin Suleiman Jama Rooble
  6. Suleiman Derie Barre
  7. Mohamed Abib Yussuf

7. External Affairs, International Cooperation, Planning & Investment

  1. Mohamed Hassan Saeed
  2. Jama Abokor Dubbe
  3. Mohamed Osman Mohamed ‘Limo’
  4. Mukhtar Hassan Maydhane
  5. Mubarak Musa Ismail
  6. Omar Jama Farah

8. Justice, Legislative Affairs & Human RightsJamal Ali Adan ‘Jah’

  1. Jamal Ali Adan ‘Jah’
  2. Abdikareem Mohamed Muhumad
  3. Abdikareenm Adan Ali Dubad
  4. Ahmed Yussuf Nur ‘Gurruje’
  5. Faisal Yussuf Jama Hashi
  6. Mohamed Jama Ismail ‘Koodbuur’
  7. Bileh Abdi Duale

9. Natural Resources and Environment

  1. Suleiman Mohamed Farah ‘Gooh’
  2. Abdikareem Me’ad Isaq
  3. Yahye Abdullahi Amin
  4. Ahmed Hassan Ali ‘Assowe’
  5. Mohamoud salah Abdi
  6. Abdikareem Hugur Abdi
  7. Bashir Hussein Hersi

10. Public Accounts

  1. Mohamed Jama Liban
  2. Mohamed Hussein Jama ‘Rambo’
  3. Abdirashid Abdullahi Musa
  4. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Kaare’
  5. Ahmed-Yassin Mohamed Hassan
  6. Jama Ahmed Ogleh ‘Anno’
  7. Hassan Omar Hassan ‘Ogaal’
  8. Nuraddin Ahmed Dayib

The new committees are expected to draw in a few lax ends that have of recent been the subject of public discontent.

External Affairs subcommittee, especially, will make a positive impact if it, for instance, follows up on and supports the recent Minister of Planning decree relating to the strengthening and uprade of development partners input and their employment practices in country offices.