The President  H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi was part of the hundreds of mourners who participated in a state funeral accorded the late Ahmed Haji Ali Addami in the capital of Hargeisa on Saturday.

The president eulogized the late Adami and described him as an elder who took part in peace-building of the nation of Somaliland.

He said, “We met first in 1991. He continued the national reconciliation and rebuilding work he started in 1991 until his death, and his patriotic mission has kept away from his family”.

He continued, “I pray to God to reward him for his good deeds in the building of his country Somaliland. The nation of Somaliland owes him a debt of gratitude and memorial reverence, and pray that God rewards him abundantly”.

The President said that since 1991, the late Adami has been a part of every conference on peace building and pacification, government building, and improvement of administrative governance.

The president said that he remembers very much the role he played in the historic National Borama Convention meeting, the Axdi Qarameedka.

“He was a veteran who expedited with good acumen and diligence whatever onerous national task bestowed upon him and excelled, hence was never boastful nor sought attention.

“He was an elder who had great patience to solve the differences between the warring parties or factions whenever it occurred”, said the Head of State.

The President prayed to God to grant stronger faith to his family, relatives and the Islamic Ummah during the trying moment.