The Somaliland government has set timelines for the completion of the reconstruction process of the expansive Waheen market that was razed down in April.

The Minister of Religious Endowment Sh. Abdirisaq Hussein Albani and the mayor of Hargeisa Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge said plans are almost complete and the private investors and government through the technical committee of the reconstruction to ensure the market is rebuilt and re-open soon.



The market which was razed down on April 1 this year saw losses of up to US Dollars 2 billion lost with both large and micro enterprises hard hit.

Minister Abdirisaq Hussein Albani told land owners at the market to have their building plans complete by October 22.

Albani, noted that owners of four sections/blocks of burnt areas have not processed their construction plans and directed them to meet the technical committee to address the issue immediately.

Once the plans are complete, the national committee will disburse 45% of funds for construction.

“We are informing land owners of Waheen market who have not submitted their plans to do so immediately”, said the minister.

Meanwhile Mayor Ahmed Mooge said the construction should start forthwith and the market open soonest.

“It is not possible for the Waheen market to remain closed, the government is determined to open the market and start business as usual, for this to be possible, the business must heed the notifications of the board”, said the Mayor.

On 1st April, fire erupted in Waaheen, Somaliland’s main market and one of the largest in the Horn of Africa region where hundreds of people congregate daily to trade.

At least 28 people were wounded in the Friday night fire that ravaged Waheen market, a major source of livelihood for the residents of Hargeisa