By Goth Mohamed Goth

The government of Somaliland has once again allowed the Somalia stability fund (SSF) workshop which used to take place annually after it was previously stopped on the 1st of July from taking place by the ministry of national planning.

The workshop which was supposed to be held for the duration of six days was stopped from proceeding after the ministry of national planning alleged the organization was not registered in Somaliland thus not having the permission to hold such meeting in country, Hon Hussein Ibrahim Buuni the deputy minister in the ministry of national planning signed the ministerial directive ban the Somalia stability fund (SSF) from hold the proposed workshop.

But events seem to have taken a new twist, this after International donors have intervened and overturned the previous government decision to halt the workshop since it is currently taking place at Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa, the government of Somaliland hasn’t publicly stated why it had reversed its previous decision and the reasons of allowing it to take place.

Below is the copy of the ministry ultimatum preventing the meeting taking place.