Somaliland and Taiwan have discussed how the two countries will cooperate on higher education.

SL minister of education received at his office Taiwanese representative to Somaliland.

Somaliland & Taiwan have begun implementing one of the points of the agenda of their relationship.

SL minister of education, Ahmed Mohamed Derie Torno received and welcomed at his office Taiwanese representative to Somaliland, Lou Chen-hwa.

During the meeting, the two sides discuses bilateral cooperation concerning the education programs between the two countries.

They have also agreed the development of the education sector of their common mutual interest.

It was the 1st of July when SL and Taiwan announced bilateral agreement as well as extending of new diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

These two non-UN members face strong criticism and warnings from China and Somalia for their relationship.

Earlier this month Somalia confirmed that it respects One China principle and denounced the new diplomatic ties between Somaliland & Taiwan.

China also warned Taiwan to stop violation against Somalia sovereignty and integrity.

On the other side, White House National Security Council reckon the new diplomatic relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan.

United States of America described as tremendous step needed.