The minister of finance Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire has stated that the tax arbitration committee is there to serve the interests of the taxpayers in any case that there is a complain worth resolving.

He gave the sentiments during an event that ushered in the new board members of the tax arbitration committee and at the same time bidding farewell to the former office bearers.

He described the duty of the office is to mainly giving the taxpayer an opportunity to present his or her case, if the Ministry of Finance disagrees with the tax due.

“It is an office designed to serve the tax-paying citizen”, he said.

He called on all taxpayers to benefit from the services of the arbitration office if need arises.

He also urged the arbitration board to educating the tax payers duly.

In essence, arbitration is usually as an alternative form of dispute resolution where there is a deliberation as to the rights and liabilities of parties determined by a third party, in this case the Tax Arbitration Committee, instead of having recourse to a court of law.