Director General of the Ministry of Finance Development Mohamed Abdi Gurhan today opened a training course organized by the Somaliland Taxation Tribunal Committee aimed for members of the business community in the country.
The training, were first phase attended by the Ministry of Finance Revenue Departments, will during two days teach business people procedure to file tax litigation , taxpayer rights and obligations provided with the two provisions of Internal Revenue Act No. 72/2016 and Customs Act No. 73/2016.
This independent commission was established on 13 February / 2020, under Article 209 of the Inland Revenue Act No. Lr. 72/2016. This panel will adjudicate administrative disputes that may arise between the tax collectors and the taxpayer.
Government departments such as the Ministry of Finance submit their case to the Attorney General’s Office, while taxpayers handle their case and be adjudicated by this Commission which is the body where they will file their complaints, in lieu with the legal procedures in place.
TTC Chairman Mr. Yusuf Bihi Mohamed, Chairman of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce Mr. Jamal Aideed Ibrahim and the Director General of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan, spoking at the venue all underscored the purpose of the training, and adding that the committee was set up in the interest of the taxpayer and not in the interest of the Ministry of Finance or similar institution. Moreover, TTC administratively and budgetly is independent, by exercising the powers conferred on it by law.
Most importantly, the Commission, which has been in place for one year since its inception, is ready to respond to the legal services it is mandated to do. Indeed, it is a step towards transparency and accountabilit