By Goth Mohamed Goth

Dozens of teachers protested outside the presidential palace today demanding their training allowances provided by international aid group Mercy Corps through the ministry of education.

The angry and frustrated teachers drawn from six schools in Maroodi Jeh region vehemently accused the director general in the ministry of education of siphoning off the money meant for their allowance by deducting $14 dollars out of the $15 dollars per day for each teacher was supposed to be paid in the course of the 12 days training.

Instead, they claimed the ministry of education allowed only $1 dollar each day as an allowance for the already underpaid teachers.

The international aid group Mercy Corps is helping teachers in the Republic of Somaliland develop their teaching skills as parts of a wider campaign aimed at combating widespread illiteracy in the country.

Somaliland’s government said it was prioritizing improving the education sector in the region in an effort to help lift people out of poverty and improve social economic status and access to education.

An outdated public school system, school privatization, and inadequate infrastructure are hindering the education system.

Ministry of education officials weren’t available to comment on the matter at the time of our reporting.