By Goth Mohamed Goth

Date: –   13/01/2014


HE President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo’s has today has issued a Presidential decree # JSL/M/XERM/249-2232/012014 the Disability Services Act applied in all public and private buildings.

The Press Release read as follows:-

President: –

1.       In accordance with Article 90 of the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland

2.       In accordance with Article 19 of the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland

3.       The need to overcome the hurdles and challenges facing people with disabilities to able to fulfill their tasks independently,

4.        In recognizing the difficulties and challenges facing people with disabilities in public places, Health centers, Schools, Water facilities and work sites public or private.

5.       In order to overcome this hurdles the government of Somaliland has come to the decision which is to issue the following guidelines so as to ensure that buildings, facilities, and transit vehicles are accessible and usable by people with disabilities.

Article (1)

Building Centers government agencies or private

1.       These standards apply to places of public accommodation, commercial facilities, and state and local government facilities including those already standing buildings or those currently under construction be it those of governmental agencies and private businesses; from the rule becomes effective way to build or framework to facilitate people with disabilities to stay and base able to access or to access Public meeting places, spirituality, culture, society, or entertainment,   .

2.       That all government agencies and private businesses are required to have this facilities in place when the disability law comes in places in a bid to allow more accessible to people with a wide range of disabilities, this means paying attention to more than just ramps and accessible washrooms. It also means looking at e.g. lighting audible alarm systems, signage with high contrast lettering easy-to-find directories, and accessible parking.

§ (2)

Law enforcement

Law enforcement officers, and in partnership with the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and local governments in municipalities are required to enforce this law.

Article (3)

Effective regulation and enforcement

The rule will come into force from the date it will be signed into a law by the President.



  1. Museo Bihi was herding camels that were not his, and he never came to know this reality. Boqor Buur Madaw told this several times in the past. Mr Kahin was playing and still continues to play a double face, one face with Siilaany and the other with Muse Bihi. The hidden agenda was known to Kahin from the outset. This is for sure. There is no free ride to power, and one has to learn the lore, but the unfortunate has been known to get trapped in a Cul de sack.

    Politics is has nothing to do with the courts of law. So what Muse will do if Siilaanyo broke the promise/agreement? The only option open for Mr Muse is to join with either UCID or Wadani,
    It likelihood that he will join with UCID

  2. this silaanyo is the greatest joker ever, and those so called somalilnders are the foolest in the world. Silaanyo has already misused the tribal card, and now is the time to feed on the weak, the vulnrable individuals in the society. He is not working for the public interest indeed, but only to win some disables' hearts in the region for the next elections. But hey ho, the somalis in the north surely know that those habashi/englo orphans must be whiped out of our beloved territory, they're already living in an isolation, time to isolate them even more by confining them only in their isaaq villages.
    Other northeners will not live to tolerate this somaliland country thing, those kind of stories belong to the CBBC's

  3. Silanyo is actually trying. The previous administration just stole money and left the country with nothing. Now the water system is being built. the roads, our oil is searched for, some of our enemies have changed their minds and joined us.

    No riyale or egal could do that. Kulmiye is made up of many different clans and are the only people who have any life in them it seems. So either get busy building the country or shut it! If you see something that needs to change then bring it forward for discussion but constantly complaining is a b y tch ar se move

  4. It is a good move towards goodness and general well being for our vulnerable citizen, and the morale of public at large. Having sympathy and kindness for the weaker and handicapped part of Somaliland population and make it accessible and easy their pathways, results Allah (swt) mercy and benevolence to descend on land of Somalilanders.
    Indeed it is pleasing piece of news that we been waiting for, for a very long time. Remember, overwhelming majority of handicap belong to those willing to sacrifice their lives to liberate the land we enjoy today. Fortunately they didn’t lose the breath like many of their counterparts, but they were crippled by losing like, limbs, legs, backbones, shoulders, necks, sights and most importantly the mind.
    Time to put a genuine smile on their face, a smile that is long overdue and I kindly request brothers and sisters in the Diasporas, those who have hearts to broke their silence toward issues like this one and think ways to create well functioning and lasting healing centers all over our cities, villages and regions.

    Long live Somaliland as always