Following a documentary film broadcast by Aljazeera Arabic entitled “war on ports: Aljazeera revealed secrets of power struggle in the Horn of Africa) broadcasting by Aljazeera Arabic news, I would like to respond here .  If you require accessing the article please follow the links below: -الجزيرة-تكشف-خفايا-صراع- حرب-الموانئ النفوذ-بالقرن-الأفريقي

I can confirmed that The documentary film was contradicting the practice of ethical journalism, it also failed to take reasonability for inaccuracy of their work, and a failure to verify information prior to cover such documentary.

The documentary contained not only inaccurate information nevertheless is biased and inbalance. Aljazeera interviewed with Somalia and Djibouti counter parties and failed to contact Somaliland officials.  Aljazeera expressed version of their history regarding development of ports in the horn of Africa. They attacked Somaliland and Emirates focused Berbera port and military base in Berbera and offended two private companies( DP world and Dahabshil) owned by the two countries( Emirates and Somaliland).

Regarding the above Aljazeera is no longer independent news channel but has a political motivated agenda’s and has been using Qatar and Somali government as a propaganda machine. Aljazeera is aware when you make such documentary you should look both sides of the story and not make a conclusion based on one sided information.

Above all the evidence Aljazeera collected was not based on facts but assumptions and inaccurate sources of information, Aljazeera used photoshop and used archive data. They reported baseless stories for example they showed debates and photo’s which is not related to the topic for example the disagreement between the chair and deputy chair of Somaliland house of representative has nothing to do with Berbera port development.

The discussion in the house of representative was related to other internal debates.

The documentary film indicated there thoughtful ethical conflict, as it is below norms or standers for ethical journalism. Promoting and safeguarding Ethical Journalisms standard remained by Aljazeera news. They should monitor it and supervise their staff to exercise international standards.

In addition Qatar to understand that Republic of Somaliland and Somali Federal state are two different separate states. Qatar government provides financial and military support to the weak Somali federal government and continued to harass and intervene Somaliland affairs. Furthermore, Aljazeera needs to stop baseless and cheap propaganda against Somaliland.

The documentary contradicted the practice of ethical journalism, it also failed to take reasonability for inaccuracy of their work, and a failure to verify information prior to publishing such an documentary. I suggest the following:


  1. Aljazeera to retract and apologize for the inaccuracy of their documentary, as it was broadcasting without using original sources.
  2. Aljazeera to provide context, by taking special care not to misrepresent or oversimplify the promoting, previewing or summarizing of such an important project for the region.
  3. Aljazeera acknowledge fully the errors, incompetence, inaccuracies made by their reporter by broadcasting the real facts with immediate effect so as not to mislead public


Yours Sincerely,


Abdi Abdillahi Hassan,


Berbera, Somaliland