By Goth Mohamed Goth

A top “Waddani” official has revealed that the main opposition party declined an invitation by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to participate in inter-party meeting organized by the electoral body earlier in the week.

Mr. Hussein Ahmed Aideed speaking to reporters on Friday said, “Our position is clear “Waddani”, shall no way or in any form whatsoever work with the current National Electoral Commission (NEC), which he blamed for contributing to the delays.

He added, “The upcoming parliamentary and local government elections can’t and will not be held within the time frame set given the required 10-month preparation time, and the government hasn’t done enough to move beyond the impasse.

Mr. Hussein Ahmed Aideed said, “Waddani continues to disagree that the current NEC members should prepare the ground for the next election. The party argues that the NEC oversaw a flawed election in 2017, so how can they be trusted to conduct a better process now?

He further went on to say that, “Waddani” continues to demand the sacking the current NEC, we proposed so nearly one and half year ago but the presidency and the ruling Peace, Unity and Development Party (Kulmiye) and UCID (Justice and Development party) have balked at these demands, and are adamant NEC is competent. One thing is clear they can hold the elections without our participation.