An event to award top Quran reciters was held in Hargeisa that saw a prolific youth from Kenya, Yahya Mohamed Adan come out tops. The competition to find the best reciters of the holy Quran has been finalized. The competition brought teenage boys and girls from across the globe to compete for the best recitation of the holy Quran.


Addressing the congregation Sheikh Mohamed Omar Dirir supplicated to Almighty Allah to bless all the reciters for the noblest undertaking recitation of the book of Almighty Allah the holy Quran.

Sheikh Dirir said, “It is a victory to our country to hold a noble competition, I supplicate to Almighty Allah to make it an annual event.”

The cleric stated that the community should hold Quran recitation competitions within so that people of high prolificacy spring out of their midst.

He urged parents, leaders and religious people to encourage this noble endeavour to promote the recitation of the holy Quran.

Sheikh Mohamed Omar Dirir recalled that the first holy Quran contest was initiated in 1992. The pioneers of the recitation competition was Sheikh Dirir and Sheikh Mohamed Abdirahman, who always encouraged the memorization of the holy Quran.

Sheikh Abdirashid Sheikh Ali Suufi praised the youngsters who competed on the different styles of how to recite the holy Quran. He added that the world ought to follow Somaliland initiative of promoting the book of Almighty Allah.

The minister of religious affairs Sheikh Abdirizak Albani thanked and praised all the participants of the noble endeavour to disseminate the book of Almighty Allah to reach all corners of the world. He said the government always welcomes religious leaders with initiatives to promote the true religion Islam.