The police have arrested a young man who recently set fire in a business shop in the center of Hargeisa, as recorded by a hidden camera.

According to the statement written on the official Facebook page of the police force tonight, the young people who consisted of 4-four were apprehended two of them, the one who led the fire in the business Abdilahi Jama abdilahi and Abdiqani Farah Mohamed.

The Police statement added that the Police are looking or the remaining suspects, and will quickly bring them before the law.

The Police hereby warn that anyone who tries to disrupt peace and damage the property of the public and anything that opposes the existence of Somaliland will be dealt with iron fists.

The Police Force commends the people of Somaliland in general for their cooperation in security and the information they always share, and asks them to continue to work with the Police Force which is a public friend.