1. "The villainy you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction."

    In Somali is it not "Laga baray laga badi".

    1.There is no Nation that surrendered it's RECOGNITION when Welcomed into the league of Nations by 35countries but Somaliland.
    2. There is no National that has won back it's right to Sovereignty and independence without bloodshed nor should Somaliland expect to be the first.
    3. Politics is the process of controlling the values of demanded action there is neither GOOD nor BAD suppliers.

    • Buuxiye bro, de jure Somaliland no surrendered it's recognition when welcomed into the league
      of Nations by 35countries. As a matter of fact, a birthright post independece recognized by
      35countries prior to becoming partnership union with the other similarly recognized Southern
      entity should in no way be called surrendered. That's wrong terminology negating the whole
      de jure status quo of Somaliland. de jure Somaliland before and after 1991 remains the legit
      status quo. your 2 and 3 are okay though.

  2. I see a Terrorists support rally we called on the US and AMISOM to send predator drones to Northern Somalia Al Qaeda has made its home there.

    • The Clan that provides the larges quantity of foot soldiers for the Shabab is non other then Siyad Barres Faqash Marehaan clan.

      It you who is protecting the where abouts of your Amirs that have kept the expired food aid from 50-cents entering your Gedo region.

    • Criminals who were wanted in Somaliland and never will set foot in its soil again except of its jail cells, had become the leaders of the South and today these criminals who were wanted in Somaliland for their crime of terror all have found home in Gedo. The people of this region thinks these criminals will bring them back the old glory days of AF-Weyne.

      These fugitives and all those who harbour them, their days are numbered.

  3. The final nail in the coffin for the traitors that though IGAD could help them http://addisstandard.com/?p=1817

    الله أكبر for the first time since the collapse of our beloved republic we have finally cut of the interfering hands of the Ethiopian and Kenyans.

  4. Somaliland is here to stay. You can wish it away, you can stop it and you can harm it, all you guys do is trawling Somaliland websites. Go to Hargeysa, Burco, Borama, Ceerigaabo, Las Canood, Berbera, Sheekh, Saylac, Badhan, iyo Las Qorey, if you think you can do something about Somaliland. Otherwise, get a life and move on with your own wretched country.

  5. or rather you can't wish it away, you can't stop it and you can't harm it. Come on have go if you are brave enough.