The delegation led by the interior minister Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed which has been in Lasanood in Sool for the past several days has had a crucial large meeting with the area’s traditional leadership fraternity in an effort of bolstering security and maintaining peaceful stability.

The meeting chaired by the minister brought together Sool region traditional leaders, a cross-section of elders, intellectuals, and academics amongst other eminent personalities converge at the Sool regional headquarters for the consultations.

It was likewise attended by several cabinet ministers, military commanders, MPs, and both Sool regional authorities and Lasanood district administration officials whereby extensive rapport took place to strengthen the general security of the Lasaanood and region as a whole.

The Minister of Interior Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed was accompanied by the Minister of Information, Culture and Awareness Suleimanan Yusuf Ali Koore, the Minister of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Development Hon. Said Sulub Mohamed, the Minister of Defense Abdiqani Hon. Mohamud Aateye Farid, the Minister of Justice Hon. Suleiman Warsame Guled, Minister of Youth and Sports Hon. Abdirashid Duale Qambi, Minister of Transport and Road Development Hon. Abdirisaq Ibrahim Farah.

The Commander of the National Armed Forces Major General Nuh Ismail Tani and his police counterpart Major General Mohamed Aden Saqadi (Dabagale) were also in attendance.

Present too were the Governor of Sool Region, Abdikarim Aden Haji Diriye, the Mayor of Lasanood District, MP Ahmed Ali Asowe, several senior government officials and sectional military commanders in the Sool region.

They underpinned the imperativeness of working together to strengthen the security of Lasaanood town and the whole of Sool region hence in cooperation such that development may be achieved.

In general, the city of Lasaanood is peaceful and calm with concerted efforts in place to bolster and maintain it.