Rep of Somaliland ranked first in all the Horn of Africa Nations Freedom House Report 2024.

A report issued Freedom House Report 2024 was ranked 43/100, ranked 7th in the Muslim World.

1st in the Horn of Africa, 2nd in IGAD, 2nd in Arab world, 7th in the Muslim world And that’s for 20 years straight.

n the latest Freedom House report, Somaliland experienced a decline, losing one point from the previous year (44 to 43). We should be striving for progress rather than settling for our current state.

That’s what we tell ourselves and our government in the right forums However, it is worth mentioning that Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Norway have also seen a similar decrease of one point in 2024.

The anarchists who took up arms against the democratically elected government in 2023 have caused us no damage.