Turbulent and violent demonstrations rocked the city of Burao in Togdher and the town Erigavo in Sanaag, yesterday.
The demonstrates who were mainly youngsters came out into the streets to protest the recent inter-community clashes in El-Afweine which cost the lives of at least 20 people.
The demonstration in Burao which was quickly brought under control by the Somaliland Police Forces, was confined to mainly the western sections of the city and led to minor damages to stores and other commercial locations. No one was fatality injured in the  clashes, although several people were taken to hospital for treatment.
However, the clashes in Erigavo were much more serious. Although there has been no reports of any fatalities in the city, there were an exchange of gunfire between remnants of the militia led by the renegade former Somaliland officer, Caare and the Somaliland Defence Forces on the outskirts of the town.
There are reports that in the hamlet of Doob, 45 east of Erigavo, the Somaliland Defence Forces were able to repel the militia and capture many of it’s members and their equipment.
These demonstrations come at a time Somaliland has made significant diplomatic successes and it is quite clear that they are being instigated from outside the country in order to put the nation in a bad light.
Our sources indicate that the recent lifting of the curfew in Sanaag appears to have emboldened the renegade Caare militia, who are no match for the Somaliland Defence Forces, but can nevertheless, cause insecurity in the region.
The issue of the inter-community conflict in El-Afweine had appeared to have been resolved, after an accord between the two relevant communities which included the exchange of compensation. But, it is quite evident outside forces and their fellow travelers are still causing trouble in the district.
The inability of the administration of President Muse Bihi Abdi, and in particular, the Somaliland Home ministry to bring these matter to a peaceful conclusion is a cause for concern.
Ali Mohamed Abokor