Somaliland Minister of Energy, Water and Mineral Resources Hon Hussein Abdi Duale accompanied by elders from Sahil region earlier this week received a delegation from Turkey.
Speaking to reporter at the V.I.P lounge the minister of Energy H on Hussein Abdi Duale the members visiting Turkish delegation are from the Turkish water and mineral resources ministry are in the country to access and facilitate the implementation of several water projects.
The Turkish team will be working in cooperation with the water authority of coastal municipalities to solve and limit these existing problems,” Hon Duale stated.
The Turkish team is expected to start work in the coming few days as they have brought with them all the necessary equipment for the work,” Hon Duale added
The minister of Energy told reporters” The Turkish team will help set up a sustainable water delivery system and also dig more dams for drinking water in remote parts of Sahil region,.
The diversity of TIKA’s projects has allowed the agency to not only serve as an effective manager of Turkey’s development aid but to also become an important tool of Turkish public diplomacy, added Hon Duale.
Turkey believes that the water projects once finished will create a new momentum for an “accelerated”, “sustained”, “and inclusive” and “equitable” economic development in Somaliland, said the head of the Turkish team.
The Head Of the Turkish team stated In this regard, Turkey is committed, ready and willing to do its part in assisting the development process in Somaliland.
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  1. I applaud Turkey for helping my country. Somaliland-Turkish relations is not knew. The Ottman empire had trade, culture relations with Somaliland even before the British Protectorate came into being. Biyo-guure water facility, which supplied water for Berbera for almost two centuries is one landmark that attests to the depth of multifaceted Somaliland-Turkish co-operations.

    Long Live Somaliland-Turkey friendship!

  2. Masha'Allah the Turks are indeed the Somali peoples best friend some might say but they've got their motives but i say who cares.

    At least Turkey are building our infrastructure instead of giving us only "Food Aid" which is actually doing more harm to our own agriculture because of the farmers being priced out by halve of the "Food aid" from the West mysteriously appearing in the markets.

  3. Loool what a Pity Somaliland in search of a new Master Episode 4 : After britain, America and Arab refused their ass !
    They Will start to dig in the history book some
    New flattery to Bring in. They be like “somaliland blabla ottoman empire blabla our Master blabla
    we are from turkish origin too blabla”.
    Loooool just don’t Forget one thing turkish see
    Somalia as one ! Thats why they are everywhere in somalia including your little enclave !

  4. Turkey has demonstrated tremendous maturity in delivering balanced aid and respect for the Two Main Somali authorities of Somaliland and Somalia in an even-handed way. By doing this, they have not only demonstrated their brotherly relationship with Somaliland, but also fulfilled their religious obligation or duty as muslims to help other muslim nations who are emerging from crisis or developing their infrastructure. Well done and much appreciated.

  5. Abdulla Hasab- Allah,

    Was the Turkish man in-charge for Turkish built Somaliland facilities. He later moved to Burao and his son lives in Burao, Somaliland.

    In Somaliland we don't fabricate history like Somalians, but we make it and then proof it.

  6. SelamAleyKüm brothers and sisters of Somalia and Somaliland, (?)

    I hope your rising of the ashes and peace will continue till kiyamet. For month I am reading every update from Somalia(lands) with hope and happiness.

    I have a question to my brothers here, what is the point you are discussing between Somalia and Somaliland?

    Is it regional rivalry? I am asking seriously because I dont understand it. Plz dont feel offended.

    I dont want to hurt or ridicule somebody, from Türkiye there is no difference between the 2 parts. Everyone should of course freely talk about problems. And everyone should stay away from violence, so that every problem can be solved.

    Some problems are also solved if you agree to disagree. Thanks for your answers.

    I hope to visit Somalia soon. Inshallah, Eyvallah!

    • It is along story .. short version is that Somalia and Somaliand regions were colonized around 1840's by the Italians and the British, before that there were not a single "Somalia" as it is called…. in Somaliland during the 1930's British gave about one third of the 'Somaliland territory" to the Ethiopian Kingdom (Ethiopians see the Somalis as their lost cousins or something like that!) .. Somaliland got angry and started to ask for independence form Britain and were granted in June 26, 1960…. After Five days Somaliland joined Somalia to from the Democratic Republic of Somalia !! .. in 1970's a military coup overthrow the government, you could imagine what a dictator will do !! eventually in the late 1980's a civil war broke out and the dictator fled the country… the north regions (Now Somaliland) and after several tribe/clan meetings decided to re-establish Somaliland and thus become an independent state which will never again be ruled by a dictator !!

      this is a short short version; number of casualties in the Somaliland inflicted by the military regime is estimated above five hundred thousand people !!!..

  7. Salem notice how they from Somalia hate us, look into Somaliland history and see how we suffered under them. The systematically carpet bombed our cities, and came very near to wiping out our population. Take notice on how they treat us, even in these comments you will see nothing Islamic or brotherly about them.

    We were two separate countries before, we united and after when we in Somaliland realized that these people had no brotherly intentions we took back our independence and moved on.

    The vast majority of Somali clans support us, only the dictators clan who were responsible for the bombings, and genocide are the only ones against us, simply because they think if they keep us under this flag what we fought so hard for and what they tried to take away will be accomplished, its not about unity at all for them.

    Like I said pay close attention to the comments and you will see whats what.