Hargeisa, 14 July 2009 (Somalilandpress) – The is no Somalilander, who is not angered over the loose Gov’t handling of the land problem. In th hitory of land Disputes, it had been customery for Governments to act immediately and put in place a lasting peace by ruling fairly on the problem in a way that every party had too be confronted with the truth and Administrative resources statements of Facts.

The Bardaale issue is one of the Gov’t set backs. This is not the first time such a verdict lands on one of the clans but there had been others too, on the same clan. It’s very unfortunate and highly regretable to learn, loss of Somalilanders lives in conflict, which should not have taken place at all if strict non bias on the spot solution would have been exercised by the Government at time.

l think , what Somali-land TV is doing in the public mobilization campeign of condemnations will only aggrevate the situation. like we said before , there will be no winner nor loser in an armed conflict between the two clans, who will only gain casuals weeping at both houses because they are like siamese twins interlocked, sharing blood!! We Somalilanders are all losers if we unjustifiably in law terms, meddle in issues that directly affect our National security Barriers. Though it had been one of our dark moments, Tribal Conflicts used to happen but non of those had made any of those tribes to Install a foreign flag at home, due to anger as has happened at Las-Anod and Borama!!

We have a Constitution rendered inactive and a law enforcement forces sadly unsanctioned rank to file. It is another leadership failure to serve the Country. With the World Human Rights Organization report released, this Government lead by Prsident Riyale, should see itself in that report, which is not published by a somlilander but the United Nations Human Rights Organization. I do advice Somaliland TV to correct itself and realize that they are for Somali-land and to teach the public constructively, not exaggerating mishaps and fishing in dirty waters.

The TV reports should be analytic, referential and very concrete in truth. Adopt to the Democratic World media principles and keep in mind that the TV is one of the three ways, the Ministry of Information teachs the Public therefor, you are obligated to be a good teaching unit. Let’s all participate in the cessation of that conflict and save any further deaths. Hargeisa TV should stop this filthy Bardaale politicization immediately as it will add fuel into the existing Fume.

Dr. Ali A. Mohamed

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  1. The killing of four innocent Somalilanders without any justification, is nothing short of terrorism, and I am afraid this has something to do with the enemy of Somaliland, there is no other security risk higher than this and by hook or crook, the Somaliland security has to bring to justice these criminals.

    Thesame is true for those criminal who carried an old blue Somalia flags ,screaming there is no Somaliland. These people should be brought to face justice, I do not buy these nonsense, oh! these are just kids, come on now, if there is no adult behind this, where the hell will a 15years old knows the existance of Somalia and where do they got the old flags which have never fly in Somaliland for over 18 years from?

  2. Obsiye please Don't compare the killing of the four inocent people to carring a somali flag. Are you some how saying they are equaly as guilty or are you trying to say the other side did something too. people can carry what ever flag they want if some one chooses not to be a somalilander they have that right. We can't force any one to be somalilander. But no one have the right to kill an inocent person. I my self do not appriciate the Flag but there is no way you can copare the two.

  3. Adam,
    I am comparing the two based for both the killers and the blue flag carriers has one thing in common,and that both group hate Somaliland and both should pay the price of the crime they commited. Of course, each crime has different consequencies and each has to pay accordingly.