An analytical two-day workshop to review the nation’s foreign affairs policy and chart a way forward kicked off in the city on Wednesday 7th December.

The was attended by the Ministers of Finance and Council Relations, the Deputy Ministers of Trade and Foreign Affairs, the Director General of Foreign Affairs, and some members of Somaliland diplomats.

Also in attendance were former foreign minister Edna Adan, and experts and staff of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The director general Mr. Saed noted that documents to ponder had been prepared by the Ministry and were to be delved into in their consultations.

He explained the four documents include the Somaliland Foreign Policy, the Somaliland Foreign Service Act, the Somaliland Foreign Missions Act, and the Somaliland Foreign Mission Communication Act.

Lady Edna Adan who spoke at the forum explained the role of the ministry for the nation and the obstacles to the recognition of Somaliland hence underpinning the imperativeness of stepping up lobbying in/at foreign countries such that the aspirations of the country on gaining the justified recognition may be realized.

The Minister of Finance Hon. Dr. Saad Ali Shire said that there is a need to prepare plans, strategies and standards hence they may be reflected upon annually.

He pointed out that the need for strategic plans was indispensable when focusing on aspirations.

The Minister of Assembly Relations Hon. Mohamed Haji Adam Ilmi praised the Foreign Ministry for its efforts.

Ambassador Adan Muse Jibril, on his part, observed that what the country has become a household name for was the peaceful stability cherished in a volatile Horn of Africa region.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Abdinasir Omar Jama, who opened the meeting, said that the policy of Foreign Affairs is a task expected hence a collective policy given that the top aspiration is gaining international recognition and being a dejure state.

Hon. Abdinassir pointed out that it was of utmost importance to correct the mistakes made in 1960 whereby the country ceded its nationhood without cue.