HARGEISA, 9 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Egal-Riyaalle ticket depicted the SNL-USP coalition which led the Somaliland independence and the eventual union with Somalia, thus forming the Somali Republic. The tribal balance embodied in this combination, glued Somaliland together even after the state failure. The limitation of the practicing political parties to three, by the non-inclusive emergency constitution, was based on the traditional entities SNL, USP and the NUF.

Udub( central pillar party) represents the Somali national league(SNL), Kulmiye is a literal translation of National United Front(NUF) and is a continuation of that entity in its political orientation and die hard tribal following. “Ucid”, means supportive relative and/or a cushion to fall back on. Functionally the party fits that role of auxiliary pressure group.

The missing link in the political party spectrum is the United Somali Party (USP), representing the south eastern and western flanks of Somaliland. The endeavors of the tribal based political affiliations bent on paralyzing the flanks must be confronted with the revitalization of that party as an instrument of stabilization, perhaps, under the Somali denomination (Daljir). In its absence, there will be no fair play in the political arena of Somaliland.

The unholy alliance between the spoiler opposition and foreign intrigue, for that matter, is not only scary but a destructive scheme purporting to undo our national fabric of traditional connectivity and a conduct of syndicated tribes collectivity. Under no circumstance, can stipulations in the non- inclusive constitution, create legal loopholes leading to demographic dictatorship and ethnic exclusivity as upheld by the spoiler opposition. The traditional tribal equality and inter-tribal customary protocol (Xeer) had consolidated the parameters of the Somali society and its unwavering pastoral democracy.

By choosing Riyaalle as his de jure and de facto successor, the founding father President Mohamed I. Egal (Allah bless his soul) had manifested a tenuous spirit of fair play in power sharing and tribal equilibrium. His wise vision has proven to be a success story of healing and housekeeping mutuality. The hue and cry of abrasive absurdity vis-a-vis Egal-Riyaalle-fatigue, fomented by the spoiler opposition, with all its content of aggressive belligerence and naked phobia would lead not to a healthy conduit of Somaliland statehood. On the contrary, it will disturb the qualitative culture of egalitarian nature unique to the Huwan family. And would negatively impact on the tempo of Somaliland still going strong.

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Additionally, if the spiteful “Tola-Ayey” gets its way, that would mean cleansing non-clan presence in the power house of Somaliland. At this juncture, Riyaalle would go hibernating together with the pool of other high caliber roosters waiting in the wings, like Xaabsade Qaybe iyo qaar kaloo badan(and many others). These hard-beaten veterans know-not the foolhardy of failure, nor the futility of lamentation. They are forward looking visionary leaders , who unflinchingly face fate and fear no consequences. In a phlegmatic mood, they keep smiling and bid their time. In the process however, the Presidency, Guurti and House speakers and all political parties would be exclusive institutions. Not to mention, the clan predominance across the national board. It’s this lopsided structural equation that the founding father was sensitively alert.

The blatant designation of non-clans as Faqash and Hangash by some hierarchical leadership, is very troubling. It is not only political arrogance, metaphorically, but it’s a pointed signal of discriminatory phobia. The trend of the upcoming elections is conducted in a purge-like pattern by the chauvinistic spoiler opposition. The alleged fatigue syndrome of Egal- Riyaalle era, drummed up by the opposition, is a tactical approach to an embryonic coup tentatively in the press.

Here goes again, the divisive agenda which the timely intervention of the founding father backed by the wisdom of the Huwan tribes had foiled. The ideals of the spoiler opposition were misleading from the start and, never represented inclusiveness of the totality of Somaliland. It was always elusively one-sided and assertively power maniac.

Hopefully, Udub(the ruling party), with its interwoven membership of diversified origin: qualitatively, and quantitatively motivated for the common cause, will win the day and will vindicate the legacy of the founding father. United we stand. Divided we fall

Mohamed M. Khawi
Somaliland natives association

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  1. edna Adan ismail is a darlin for all somalis and florence nightingal of somaliland..She deserves our recognition as first lady married to founding father__President Mohamed I.Egal[allah bless his soul] and as a pure lander by destroying all evidence in the diary of the somaliland scouts officers coup lead by major general Hassan kyde of the farac-qayaadeed -the walanwalis-allah bless his souland the others of the officer corps.EDNA is humanitarin devotee and a good citizen of qualitative ego.ALLAH PRESERVE HER SOULTO SERVE THE NATION…..MHAMED.M.KHAWI