By Goth Mohamed Goth

The opening of the New Bodhari Mills facility was held in a magnificent ceremony on Monday at the company premises in Abaarso district of Maroodi Jeh region.

Among those attending the opening ceremony was H.E Abdurrahman Abdullahi Ismail (Saylici) the Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland, Hon. Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bodhari Mills shareholders, Ministers, Businessmen, Traditional Leaders, Scholars, Women, Youth, and other dignitaries.

Mr.  Abdurrahman Sheikh Ahmed Nur, the Chairman of BOODHARI MILLS speaking during the opening ceremony said, “Building a community-wide industry, invested in by 800 fellow Somalilanders, does not come by itself. Today we have 32 representatives from all over the world, including Somaliland, and everyone is flooded with Social Capital, which no one can do it alone. I have traveled to 11 countries and 19 cities around the world and whereby have been very well received.

The new flour factory, equipped with the latest technologies, is expected to make an important contribution to the company’s ability to increase production capacity and quality and achieve new market goals. At current, the new BOODHARI MILLS covers 10% of the local flour supply which was previously imported from other countries. We hope to increase to 30% and 40% during the second and third phases. This will secure food security, deter high food prices and create job opportunities.

“We will invest millions of dollars in the country’s farmers so that they can compete with the world’s largest farms.  This kind of work is a national task, “said Mr. Abdurrahman Sheikh Ahmed Nur.

Mr. Mustafa I Ibrahim, head of Boodhari Mills Investment Department Manager speaking during the event said, Forty-five percent (45%) of the company’s shareholders are women. All the cost of building the factory has been paid off. We are grateful to our shareholders from Puntland, and I say I am coming to you.”

Ms. Suhur Hassan Abib, herself a shareholder of Boodhari Mills Flour Company, thanked the general public for attending the launching ceremony of Boodhari Mills Flour Company, said, “Boodhari Mills Flour Company will greatly contribute to the country’s food productivity, job creation, and integration.”

“Girls, if we are denied anything else, we should plow the fields, produce, and be strong people and create money. Everyone will need us,” said Mrs. Suhur Hassan Abib.

Dr. Osman Sheikh Ahmed Nur, Adviser to the President, who spoke at the event, praised the management of Boodhari Mills Flour Company, saying, “You have achieved success for the country. We must take advantage of the resources that God has given us and produce.”

Ms. Suaad Carmiye, among the dignitaries speaking at the event, said, “Every day we spend millions of dollars buying flour from foreign sources, we eat pancakes, we eat bread and we have breakfast, they are all made of flour,” Boodhari team have done a wonderful job and I am asking the government to support you and reduce your taxes.”

Dr. Edna Aden, in charge of Somaliland and Somalia talks, said, “I am very happy with what is happening in Somaliland. The Somaliland I want is that we are building, we are protecting, and through investment, we are creating work opportunities for our citizens, we are giving them beauty and dignity, and that’s is the Somaliland I love to see and want”.

“I pray to God to reward those who came up with the initiative, Boodhari MILLS, for such a large-scale project,” said Dr. Edna Aden.

Hon. Mohamud Hassan Sa’ad (Saajin), Somaliland’s Minister of Trade, Industry, and Tourism said, You have taught people how to integrate, TELESOM was the only company that offered shares to the public, and now Boodhari. I expect hundreds will follow.

Hon. Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed, Speaker of the House of Representatives said, “The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism must work hard to protect the country’s productivity. Anything produced by competitors should be subject to additional taxes, otherwise, our domestic production will not succeed . We have to safeguard and prioritize what we locally produce.

The Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E Abdurrahman Abdullahi Ismail (Saylici) said that “It is a great honor and privilege for me to attend the inauguration of this instrumental factory, I would also like to thank the local investors for believing and investing in their country.

“Somalilanders have an obligation to invest in their nation. Congratulations to all of you who have gone to great lengths to make this a success,” he said.

Boodhari Mills, a joint venture company owned by Somalilanders and other investors from Somali-speaking regions, will be the first project of its kind in Somaliland to play a key role in promoting the nation’s crops production, job creation, and the economy.

Most of the wheat crops is grown in Daad-madheedh, Sanaag, Awdal and Gabiley regions, and the company promoting local farmers by sourcing a portion of the wheat from local farms and forming strategic partnerships with the communities is a competitive edge in the market both on returns and contributing to sustainable development in the rural areas.

The mill has the capacity to produce more than 48,000 tons of premium quality flour per year.

Additionally, the Bodhari Mills will produce a substantial quantity of animal feed to sell to the local livestock owners which is estimated to be 40 million animals in the Somali Peninsula. Animal feed is currently imported from the emirates at a cost of $500 per ton.