By M.A. Egge

The VP H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Saili’i) inspected the water expansion project in Borama, the capital of Awdal region.

Water expansion in Boorama city has been going on for the last few years in determination to amply supply the town with clean piped water.

The VP was briefed on the projects and its achievements by the mayor of Borama, the governor of Awdal region, the head of the Shaba water company and the manager of the water management company of Borama, Abdirahman Abdisalan Sheikh Ali Jawhar; who generally acknowledged in agreement that the government has made a tangible efforts to get enough water for the people.

The project is funded by the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF).

On the other hand, they revealed that the water expansion project in Borama is just about being completed and is in final touches.

H.E. the VP said that the successive governments in the country have made a lot of efforts and succeeded in getting enough water in the city of Borama, and soon the water shortage in the city will be resolved.

Borama is the capital of Awdal region.

“This project has been going on for 8 years, and it was started by the government led by Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo. After a long survey, the second water production center in Borama town was successful, which was implemented in the west of Borama town, funded by the SDF”, he said.

The VP noted that despite the efforts taking sometime, the remaining works on the reservoir tanks and associated chores on the project will be completed by the government and line agencies.

Saying that most pipes are now relaying water to the households, the final touches on the works are underway.

Earlier on the VP led the Amoud University graduation ceremony at the campus in churning out the 22nd batch of 1034 students in various categories.